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From "Apache Pulsar Slack" <apache.pulsar.sl...@gmail.com>
Subject Slack digest for #general - 2019-04-19
Date Fri, 19 Apr 2019 09:11:04 GMT
2019-04-18 09:11:05 UTC - Ali Ahmed: @Sébastien de Melo do you have any logs from the broker
2019-04-18 09:19:01 UTC - Sébastien de Melo: @Ali Ahmed I don't have access to the logs anymore
but I'll take a look next time
2019-04-18 12:05:54 UTC - bhagesharora: Hello there,
In Reader Interface example for python
How we can get msg object for below code ??
Do we need to create any object from message class ??

# MessageId taken from a previously fetched message
msg_id = msg.message_id()

reader = client.create_reader('my-topic', msg_id)

while True:
    msg = reader.receive()
    print("Received message '{}' id='{}'".format(msg.data(), msg.message_id()))
    # No acknowledgment
Reference URL - <https://pulsar.apache.org/docs/latest/clients/Python/>
2019-04-18 13:25:06 UTC - Sébastien de Melo: The problem occurred with a querystate this
$ pulsar-admin-preprod functions querystate --name Router --key total

Reason: javax.ws.rs.ProcessingException: Request timeout to lucky-star-pulsar-broker/
after 60000 ms
command terminated with exit code 1
2019-04-18 13:25:40 UTC - Sébastien de Melo: Here is the end of one of our brokers log:
13:22:25.504 [bookkeeper-ml-scheduler-OrderedScheduler-3-0] WARN  org.apache.bookkeeper.mledger.impl.ManagedLedgerImpl
- [public/default/persistent/mytopic-partition-1]-3842 read entry timeout for 3842:1122 after
120 sec
13:22:25.504 [bookkeeper-ml-scheduler-OrderedScheduler-3-0] WARN  org.apache.bookkeeper.mledger.impl.ManagedCursorImpl
- [public/default/persistent/mytopic-partition-1][public%2Fdefault%2FRouter] Error while replaying
org.apache.bookkeeper.mledger.ManagedLedgerException: Bookie operation timeout
13:22:25.504 [bookkeeper-ml-scheduler-OrderedScheduler-3-0] ERROR org.apache.pulsar.broker.service.persistent.PersistentDispatcherMultipleConsumers
- [<persistent://public/default/mytopic-partition-1> / public/default/Router] Error
reading entries at 3842:1123 : Bookie operation timeout, Read Type Replay - Retrying to read
in 54.438 seconds
2019-04-18 15:53:27 UTC - Kai Levy: Hi. I'm trying to aggregate a list of pulsar operations
that write/read to/from zookeeper, so I can identify potential bottlenecks there. For example,
I am testing creating a lot of subscriptions and seeing zk latency spike, because I believe
that it doesn't have enough IO to deal with the flood of requests. Does anybody know of an
existing list in this vein, or know how I could try to put one together? Thanks!
2019-04-18 16:30:08 UTC - David Kjerrumgaard: @bhagesharora Are you asking for the API?  
2019-04-18 16:36:34 UTC - Huzx: @Huzx has joined the channel
2019-04-18 22:11:56 UTC - Devin G. Bost: I noticed that the Java Admin API exposes a `retainOrdering`
property on the SinkConfig objects that are returned by `adminClient.sink().getSink(tenant,
namespace, sink)`; however, this property is not available through the Admin CLI.
What does this property actually do?

I imagine that this property is also exposed on the FunctionConfig and SourceConfig objects.
2019-04-18 22:41:16 UTC - Joe Francis: ZK manages metadata, and metadata has details about
topics, subscriptions, data storage.  What's your use case?
2019-04-18 22:58:02 UTC - Devin G. Bost: Also, what happens if `retainOrdering` is set to
`true` when `parallelism` is set &gt; 1 (e.g. `3`)?
2019-04-18 23:23:06 UTC - Jerry Peng: @Devin G. Bost when retainOrdering is yet, the subscription
type used among instances of a function is Function.SubscriptionType.FAILOVER. Which means
only one instance can consume from a single partition.  So in your example if you have a topic
with one partition only one instance will get data.  Setting retainOrdering guarantees the
process ordering on a per partitions basis
2019-04-19 07:15:09 UTC - Wanwan Sun: @Wanwan Sun has joined the channel
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