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From "Colin Crist" <colincr...@hermesjms.com>
Subject RE: QPID/HermesJMS
Date Tue, 19 Sep 2006 13:19:35 GMT
> >
> > One commonly cited one is threading, if anyone has used RV for 
> > example, its model of having dispatch queues (not to be 
> confused with 
> > transport queues) onto which messages are placed by listeners (i.e. 
> > subscriptions) totally decouples the subscription from the final 
> > message callback. This model is very flexible letting you dispatch 
> > messages from timers as well as transports.
> I don't quite follow. Whats to stop a JMS provider 
> dispatching messages from N transports and M timers to a 
> single JMS session and using a single thread or a thread pool 
> to execute the MessageListener's on the consumers?

Nothing, but its not in the spec so there are no implementations (that I
know of) that let you.


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