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From Carl Trieloff <cctriel...@redhat.com>
Subject Re: maven
Date Fri, 08 Sep 2006 00:20:11 GMT
Steve Vinoski wrote:
> Not to start a protracted Maven war, but the benefits of Maven are 
> many. In no particular order:
> 1. Using it shows us as good Apache community citizens, as many new 
> projects around here use it.
Ant is also Apache
> 2. Using the regular Maven directory structure enables new 
> contributors to easily get up to speed.
not for C++, Python, Ruby etc.
> 3. It easily allows us to manage dependencies, which granted we 
> currently have few of (though more than I initially thought), but that 
> number will grow, for example as new persistence solutions are 
> introduced.
Not for some of the Mina code we have, the other are trivial
> 4. It enables us to easily produce snapshots and releases into the 
> Apache repository so that other projects can be based on us.
> 5. It gives us simple set up for Eclipse and IntelliJ workspaces.
> 6. It gives us code coverage.
Maven does not do this , it is the integration with PMD, checkstyle etc 
that do this
> 7. It gives us the ability to turn on code style checking at build 
> time, assuming we want that someday (it's definitely got my vote).
Agree with that but that is not exclusive to Maven
> 8. We can easily pick up Maven plugins and use them at will, without 
> having to write Ant targets or import specialized Ant task classes.
> 9. It makes creating distributions dead easy.
> 10. It's much faster and more scalable than Ant.
> I can come up with more good reasons if you like.
> Not to mention that the sooner we move to it, the less work it will 
> be. If we wait, the code base will grow and just make it that much 
> harder to move to a new build system and directory structure.
> IONA has a number of projects, both open source and company-internal, 
> using Maven, and it's been working great for all of them. Given my 
> long history and experience with software configuration management and 
> build systems, I am generally skeptical of tools like Maven that come 
> along and make lots of promises. However, my hat is definitely off to 
> the Maven guys, it's a great system that delivers the goods.

Now I have to say, that I introduced Maven to IONA, so yes I know the 
merits and yes I like Maven a LOT. However this is not
a 100% Java project and it does not solve all the issues for this 
project in my opinion, so if we do maven on the java I want us to do
it eyes open. I would also prefer to get the code move to apache 
complete, make sure we can build in our new svn so that we have a
base line, and then if we choose to do maven (still believe we have some 
things to discuss) it can be done on a branch and switched

(I hope it is clear that I am not against Maven, I just want us to have 
the details ironed out before I am willing to vote, which I
believe Steve V. said he would create a proposal for us)


> More details will be forthcoming as I progress my Maven work for Qpid.
> --steve
> On Sep 7, 2006, at 5:40 PM, Carl Trieloff wrote:
>> Would like to park the maven discussion until Steve comes back with 
>> something that we can concretely
>> discuss. My view is Maven does not help us any at this stage, and 
>> there are better uses of time right
>> now on the code base, (but that is my view) and I might change it 
>> after Steve comes back with his
>> research.
>> Regards
>> Carl.
>> steven.x.shaw@jpmorgan.com wrote:
>>> Could be wonderful. Maven makes alot of promises. I really like he 
>>> IDE file generation. Maven seem popular at Apache.
>>> I did spent a while trying to get Maven 2.0.2 and then 2.0.4 working 
>>> to build Mina here at JPMC. It just wouldn't work. I configured my 
>>> http proxy. It couldn't download the maven-compiler-plugin I think. 
>>> At home it worked fine :). I figure that I was having some kind of 
>>> firewall issue but the error messages leave alot to be desired! I 
>>> ended up building mina-core with a very short shell script...
>>> Steve.
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