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From Alan Conway <acon...@redhat.com>
Subject Re: Proposed C++ style guide
Date Thu, 26 Oct 2006 20:09:44 GMT
So far I have not heard any strong objections to using
http://geosoft.no/development/cppstyle.html as a style guide.

Two people have raised 4 space indenting and I'm inclined to agree.

In the interests of avoiding endless debate on personal preference I
propose we just live with it as-is with only those 2 exceptions: 4 space
indents and .cpp file extensions. Making a long list of exceptions kinda
defeats the purpose of picking a ready made style guide.

If you _really_ hate it (and you actually plan to write some C++ code
for qpid) propose an alternative ready-made, well-documented guide that
suits your taste and we can vote on it. Or just use rules 1. and 2.
extensively :)


 Thu, 2006-10-26 at 10:04 +0100, Gordon Sim wrote:
> Alan Conway wrote:
> > With thanks to  Kim for finding it, I'd like to propose
> > 
> > http://geosoft.no/development/cppstyle.html
> > 
> > As the style guide for QPID C++ with the exception that Qpid continue to
> > use the .cpp file extension rather than .c++ It's not too far off the
> > existing style and it's largely in agreement with styles I've seen used
> > on other projects.
> > 
> > Any objections? 
> I don't like point 11 at all. The scope of a variable should be obvious 
> without mangling the name. Leading or trailing underscores increase 
> noise in my opinion and reduce readability.
> I also don't like 75 (& 81 which is more or less the same thing). The 
> rationale seems weak to me and it reduces readability (in my opinion).
> I will be considering invoking points 1 & 2 in these cases!
> Perhaps I have bad eyesight, but I also much prefer 4 spaces of 
> indentation. Maybe that is why 80 chars per line often seems to narrow!

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