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From Carl Trieloff <cctriel...@redhat.com>
Subject Re: [java] junit4
Date Thu, 26 Oct 2006 20:46:31 GMT


Can we also cross post the maven list and see if a fix is coming or if 
there is a maven branch that works worth junit4. It seems
counter to go backwards, and I would guess that this would be a very 
common issue for other projects also.


Steve Vinoski wrote:
> Is there a critical reason for the use of junit4 in the qpid tests? 
> The reason I ask is that maven2 and junit4 simply do not get along 
> just yet. Specifically, it's a known bug that the maven surefire 
> plugin doesn't handle junit4, and while a maven-junit workaround 
> plugin exists, it's rudimentary and so won't handle the tests qpid has.
> On my maven branch I've switched the broker subdir tests back to 
> junit3, and they seem to work OK. But before diving in and changing 
> other tests, I wanted to see if there's critical need for junit4 as 
> opposed to junit3 that I'm missing.
> On a related note, in general, the qpid tests need some serious 
> reorganization, as it looks like unit tests, performance tests, and 
> system tests are all thrown together under the subdir test 
> directories. The common subdir has no tests or test subdir at all, but 
> at least it appears to be semi-tested by tests in other subdirs. Also, 
> as I've commented before, the unit tests aren't really unit tests, but 
> are instead really more like system tests. Maven gives us a very nice 
> standard directory structure that makes it clear which tests belong 
> where, so given the maven/junit issues and the need to convert to 
> junit3, I was going to tackle some of these issues on my branch, but 
> again, would like to get input from the Qpid community on the above 
> issue before continuing.
> --steve

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