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From Carl Trieloff <cctriel...@redhat.com>
Subject Re: Jira accounts (was Re: Qpid Release Process)
Date Tue, 31 Oct 2006 18:36:01 GMT

Directly copied cliff.

Rafael Schloming wrote:
> Hey, can you add me to the qpid developers group so that I can assign 
> issues to myself? My jira id is "rhs" the same as my apache user id.
> Thanks,
> --Rafael
> Cliff Schmidt wrote:
>> On 9/17/06, Cliff Schmidt <cliffschmidt@gmail.com> wrote:
>>> I created a Qpid Jira project with the typical notification and
>>> permission schemes: https://issues.apache.org/jira/browse/QPID.
>>> This also involved creating a qpid-developers group, but I only added
>>> people I knew would already have an account -- qpid committers who
>>> were already committers on other Apache projects.
>>> So, each new committer should go to
>>> https://issues.apache.org/jira/secure/Signup!default.jspa and create a
>>> jira account and email me with your username.  I'll then add you to
>>> the qpid-developers group.  The typical convention is to use your
>>> Apache id for your Jira username (that's how I was able to guess the
>>> Jira ids of the committers who already had apache accounts).
>>> Also, I tentatively made myself the "project lead", but it should
>>> really be a committer who is going to be very active in the project.
>>> So, who would like to volunteer to be the Jira person for this
>>> project?    All qpid-developers really have all the permission they'd
>>> need with the scheme I set up, but I think the project lead might be
>>> able to do some admin stuff others can't do -- really not sure exactly
>>> what.  So, I'll reassign this to whomever you all come up with.  I
>>> don't think it's much of a big deal though.
>> Earlier this morning, I added the last few jira account ids to the
>> qpid group that have been sent to me since I sent this out.  However,
>> I'm still missing a bunch.  Here are the jira ids that are now set up:
>> bhupendrab
>> chamikara
>> cliffs
>> eglynn
>> gsim
>> jstrachan
>> pizak
>> rajith
>> rgreig
>> ritchiem
>> steshaw
>> vinoski
>> If you set up a jira account and sent me the id already, I'm sorry
>> that I missed that somehow; otherwise, the remaining committers still
>> need to tell me what their jira id is.
>> Cliff

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