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From "Hiram Chirino" <hi...@hiramchirino.com>
Subject Re: ActiveMQ can now support AMQP clients.
Date Thu, 26 Oct 2006 03:26:29 GMT
On 10/25/06, John O'Hara <john.r.ohara@gmail.com> wrote:
> I'm confused where ActiveMQ is going here.
> To quote Hiram:
> "It also means that the AMQP message are in a seperate messaging
> domain from the JMS messages.  Now that everything is integrated and running
> together we can figure what is the best approach to merging the messaging
> domains."
> Does this mean that the current implementation is a "cut and shunt"?  Where
> two implementations are parked in the same address space?

Are referring to the fact that AMQP messaging domain is currently
still separated from the JMS messaging domain? This is not that odd in
messaging systems.  Even the queue and topic messaging domains in JMS
are generally "two implementations are parked in the same address
space".  But I suspect that once I get a chance to start working on my
next development cycle on the code, I'll figure out a way to have a
better binding between the messaging domains.

I'm just a code monkey trying to promote AMQP and ActiveMQ by adding
and implementation to ActiveMQ based from the qpid code base.  I did
not know that folks would get upset if I did that.  If you think there
is something lacking in the implementation, please feel free to submit
patches.  We are part of the same community after all!


Blog: http://hiramchirino.com

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