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From Steve Vinoski <vino...@iona.com>
Subject Re: pathnames with spaces == bad
Date Thu, 09 Nov 2006 06:22:11 GMT
On Nov 8, 2006, at 7:07 PM, Martin Ritchie wrote:
> I don't agree that spaces are that hard to deal with

C'mon, let's be realistic. Ever see any book by Brian Kernighan or  
any other UNIX guru that recommends creating pathnames containing  
spaces? No, because there's a reason for that. I guarantee you that  
pretty much anyone writing a script of any sort that has to deal with  
pathnames will get it wrong for pathnames containing spaces, unless  
they are explicitly thinking about pathnames containing spaces every  
step of the way. Getting all the necessary quoting right, especially  
with scripts calling other scripts, is pretty hard.

> but I agree that
> it should be change. I'm not usually one to create folders with
> spaces. A hazard of using a GUI. If you change it back before the
> morning then the releasesrc build target needs to be updated.

Am changing it now.


> On 08/11/06, Steve Vinoski <vinoski@iona.com> wrote:
>> I noticed that in the java subdirectory today, somebody committed a
>> new directory named "Release Docs" under the doc directory. Let's
>> please change that to "release-docs" or something like that, as
>> pathnames containing spaces are just generally very hard to deal with
>> in automated tools and such. I'm happy enough to commit the rename
>> myself, but I just wanted to check before doing so to make sure
>> someone isn't counting on the space being there for some reason.
>> thanks,
>> --steve
> -- 
> Martin Ritchie

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