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From "Robert Greig" <robert.j.gr...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: svn properties....
Date Sun, 12 Nov 2006 20:33:05 GMT
On 10/11/06, Martin Ritchie <ritchiem@apache.org> wrote:
> Can we all then please set our svn clients to use the auto-props.

We have had this problem with each svn repository the codebase has
lived in and the problem with a solution that relies upon everyone
configuring their clients is that:

1) new people don't necessarily know
2) sometimes people switch clients or machines or whatever and by
accident don't set their clients up correctly.
3) sometimes new extensions come along and we all have to remember to
update our auto-props

The solution we came up with was to have a pre-commit hook that checks
that every text file has the svn:eol-style property set. If it detects
that someone is trying to commit a text file without that property
set, the commit is aborted with an appropriate message.

I have attached the commit hook - what would people think about
getting that added to our svn repository?


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