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From Steve Vinoski <vino...@iona.com>
Subject Re: Maven build
Date Tue, 14 Nov 2006 18:49:07 GMT

On Nov 14, 2006, at 1:12 PM, Robert Greig wrote:

> On 14/11/06, Steve Vinoski <vinoski@iona.com> wrote:
>> > And in the context of your email I read that as implying that maven
>> > was part of that. Maybe that was a misinterpretation but it  
>> certainly
>> > read like that to me.
>> Saying that "maven is required" would clearly be provably wrong,
>> wouldn't it? So why would you think that that's what I'm saying?
> I have no idea what you believe or don't believe, I can only interpret
> based on what you write.

Precisely. So since you can't show me where I explicitly said that  
maven is required, please stop sending these pointless emails.

>> Actually, no. It was mere days of effort. I was traveling for several
>> weeks in the middle of that work, and once I got back into the work,
>> I ran into the issue of the poorly-structured tests. I tried multiple
>> avenues around the test issues and around the junit4 issues, which
>> took a few days, but once I refactored the tests, the new mvn branch
>> took just a few hours on Sunday to put together.
> But you stated in an earlier email that you were working until 2am
> yesterday on it? Or am I putting words in your mouth again?

It's unfortunate, Robert, that you can't seem to act as an adult  
here. This will therefore be my last email on this, as this thread is  
not helping the Qpid community.

I worked on Sunday to get the initial mvn branch in. I then worked  
again last night to do the distribution stuff, which was a separate  


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