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From Carl Trieloff <cctriel...@redhat.com>
Subject Re: [VOTE][Qpid] M1 release
Date Mon, 06 Nov 2006 00:27:57 GMT
Robert Greig wrote:
> On 03/11/06, Carl Trieloff <cctrieloff@redhat.com> wrote:
>> I would like to do C++ also but maybe after the Java. Should we not add
>> the C# to that as it is not
>> in repo yet. i.e. do a M1 for C++ and C# a few weeks after Java. This is
>> our first time through,
>> and doing it in pieces might actually be faster so we don't have to fix
>> the same mistakes in multiple
>> places.... (if we make them, which I am sure we will)
> I would definitely like to get the .NET stuff in relatively quickly,
> since I believe it is stable. I don't want to do anything to delay the
> Java stuff though, so I'd be happy doing it after that. When you say
> "a few weeks" what did you have in mind?
If we do the set Rajith suggested, get the vote and take it to incubator 
PMC. they
might send us back a few times to fix stuff. Once we get it 
right/released, we do the next
set as then we will "have learnt" what we missed first time and should 
be easier for other
components. Thus the delay is basically as long as it takes for us to 
get the first set from vote to
Incubator PMC acceptance.

> I had not realised that we could do individual components of an M1
> release at different speeds. That is a big help.
> RG

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