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From Steve Vinoski <vino...@iona.com>
Subject Re: Release and Maven
Date Sun, 12 Nov 2006 06:39:39 GMT
As promised on Friday, I just committed the changes required to  
eliminate dependencies between test subdirectories. I did this by  
creating a top-level systests directory and moving any tests that  
exhibited cross-directory dependency issues into it. Everything  
builds and passes for me, but let me know if you run into any issues  
with my changes.

I think the tests could use additional cleanup, but I took a minimal  
approach, doing only what was necessary to get maven working. I also  
now have maven building and passing tests, but it's on a new branch  
that I haven't committed yet. I'll commit that branch tomorrow and  
send another email when I do, so that way people can take a look at  
the branch and decide if we want to merge it before M1.


On Nov 10, 2006, at 1:52 PM, Steve Vinoski wrote:

> On Nov 10, 2006, at 1:45 PM, Carl Trieloff wrote:
>> I have IRC'ed, water cooler chatted with a few of the
>> committers. From that I would like  to suggest the following:
>> 1. We create a LABEL of what we have now. Rajith
>> has done this for us ( If all goes wrong we can go back)
>> 2. One of the biggest issues that Steve has been having is
>> tests, to this end it would be easier for Steve to restructure
>> tests on trunk. I suggest that he do this today. This means that
>> he has less back merging to do.
>> Then, as we will still have builds on the trunk we have two options:
>> a.) If Maven branch is clean by Monday and can create RC's we do
>> a quick vote monday to include maven and merge to trunk based on
>> the state of the branch.
>> b.) If Maven branch is not at this point, we create a branch for  
>> the RC
>> from trunk and create the M1 RC without maven. Once we have this
>> branch for M1, we get the maven merged on trunk not affecting M1
>> I expect that we will have most of the other issues compete Monday,
>> and either way we have a RC Tuesday that we can test / refine with
>> or without maven, and have made a clear way for Steve to get his
>> branch merged back. Either Monday or post branch Wednesday.
>> Does this fly...
> +1. This definitely works for me. Only issue for me is the window,  
> as I'm not entirely sure I'll be able to restructure the tests  
> today only, but if by "today" you mean "Friday and Saturday" then I  
> think I can do it. ;-)
> --steve

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