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From Tim Fox <tim....@jboss.com>
Subject Re: clustering
Date Fri, 22 Dec 2006 18:05:05 GMT
Personally I would never use a total ordering protocol (e.g. totem) to 
implement clustering for messaging.

Naive clustering approaches often try to replicate the queue state 
machine across different nodes, and require some kind of total ordering 
to ensure the states are consistent.

You'll find this approach doesn't scale, since every replica in the 
cluster has to receive all updates from every other node. Therefore the 
amount of load on a particular node increases linearly with the number 
of nodes in the cluster.

BTW we use JGroups for clustering, but don't use total ordering. JGroups 
is a common API to a number of different protocols.

Carl Trieloff wrote:
> lichtner wrote:
>> On Fri, 22 Dec 2006, Carl Trieloff wrote:
>>>> It's just an in-process implementation of the totem protocol, so it 
>>>> does
>>>> not have checkpointing, special event messages, or lock management. 
>>>> That
>>>> is not part of totem.
>>> ok, have you tried to integrate with JGroups then?
>> I am not sure what you mean there. Totem is a completely self-contained
>> protocol. It doesn't need any other layer. You can build an electronic
>> stock exchange or an air traffic control system just using totem.
> Yes but I wouldn't, we can use AMQP all our traffic main traffic and as 
> we are a AMQP impl and should, totem is only useful for us for EVT, CLM, 
> CPG, CMAN and DLM on top of totem for clustering. Take a look at AIS as 
> it also uses totem and how they add these on top of it. JGroups was just 
> another example of providing some of these on top of totem.
> Carl.

Tim Fox
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