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From Kim van der Riet <kim.vdr...@redhat.com>
Subject Proposed steps to migrate to AMQP 0-9
Date Tue, 02 Jan 2007 19:14:24 GMT
Many of the outstanding features of Qpid are dependent on the AMQP 0-9
specification. This includes the implementation of the new frame types
and the message class, which replaces the current basic, stream and file
classes. To achieve this, I propose the following steps:

1. Branch subversion so that those that still need access to 0-8 may
still get it. Any changes made on the branch will need to be merged with
the trunk at a later time.

2. Change the trunk to use the 0-9 XML files (these have already been
checked in to the spec directory, all that is required is to reconfigure
the code generator to use the new files.) The thinking here is that the
main development effort should always be centered on the trunk.

3. The code generator will support the ability to suppress elements of
the XML spec file without requiring the spec file itself to be modified.
This does not currently exist, but will be fairly simple to add. This
will allow the basic class to be suppressed on an
implementation-by-implementation basis without breaking others that may
still use it.

4. It is understood that the implementation of the new message class
will take a week or two to complete, and that the trunk will be
non-functional until these changes are complete. At a minimum, checkins
should compile, but may not pass all functional tests.

5. A coordinated and simultaneous effort will be required to update the
C++, Java and Python codebase to implement and use the new frame and
message classes. The other clients can follow later.

I hope to kick this process off on Thursday, 4th January 2007, and have
all the new classes operational and tests passing within a week or so.



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