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From Kevin Smith <ksm...@redhat.com>
Subject Re: [VOTE] Qpid M2 Release
Date Wed, 07 Mar 2007 20:34:12 GMT
>> If there's any tasks you need help with the Ruby broker, let me know. 
>> I've been meaning to get into that code but haven't had the time. Now 
>> that my day job is lightening up, I'd be willing to help out.
> Thanks for the offer. Here's a few things off the top of my head.
> First of all the ruby implementation isn't a broker, just a client, so 
> obviously if you have any need for or interest in a full fledged ruby 
> broker there is a lot left to do. ;)
> The 0-9 python code actually has a skeletal server framework that allows 
> you to easily script various pieces of broker side functionality without 
> actually writing a full fledged broker. This is something that I'd like 
> to see ported to ruby as well at some point.
> There will also be updates necessary for 0-9/0-10, but those are still 
> up in the air at the moment.
> Another thing that would benefit the code a lot would be to actually use 
> it to implement something vaguely resembling a real app to make sure 
> that we actually have reasonable API coverage for AMQP functionality.
> And finally if none of those things excite you there is always room for 
> more test coverage. ;)
> --Rafael

Excellent. I'll start digging into this soon.


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