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From Arnaud Simon <asi...@redhat.com>
Subject [java] test cases
Date Thu, 03 May 2007 10:40:03 GMT

There was one path mistake in the config file that I checked in but
Gordon has spotted it and solved it (Thanks for that Gordon). 

Apart from that I am still working on having all the test cases passing
against all the stores. So, I would encourage you not to use the current
revision for production. I'll let you know when everything has been
tested. I am also adding crash recovery tests that are useful for
testing tx. 

I have also updated the in-memory store and tx manager that were not
properly implemented but required (I'll produce a new patch soon). Note
that the BDB implementation is checked in under etp.108.redhat.com. I
have also other stores that are not yet finalized. 

One main thing that we need to change though is the way message chunks
are handled. At the minute this not really optimum.

So, to summarize my plan for action for this week and next week is: 
1) finalize in memory store and tx 
2) have all the tests rewritten for the new store and tx interfaces 
3) have all the tests (Junit and system) passing against all the stores 
4) add crash recovery tests 
5) extend dtx support 
6) finalize new stores 



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