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From Arnaud Simon <asi...@redhat.com>
Subject Re: NMS
Date Tue, 12 Jun 2007 09:34:27 GMT

> 100% true.  Which is why most applications have their own shim layer too :-)
> In some ways, WCF and BizTalk are Microsoft's shims.
> Perhaps we're at concensus here:
> 1) Do non-Java API's for Qpid that is not constrained by the JMS legacy.  In
> all liklihood, the same shape of API will be available for Java too, just
> for completeness, in addition to JMS support.
> 2) Build a WCF driver for Qpid, atop 1)
> 3) Those who are interested can map NMS to 1) also.


> Now we just need to decide the shape of that lower level API.
> There is a lot of talk in the AMQP camp about doing a standard shape API.
> We already have some candidates in the wild from iMatix, Apache, and Rabbit,
> and there have been side discussions about having a beauty contest or doing
> pick'n'mix.

For now I would suggest that we use a simple AMQP protocol mapping. It
will simplify supporting new protocol versions and the standard AMQP API
when/if it comes to life. Note that I am only speaking about the .Net
client, the java case is slightly different. 


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