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From "Robert Greig" <robert.j.gr...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: on how to use the qpid java client
Date Wed, 06 Jun 2007 13:28:48 GMT
On 06/06/07, Rajith Attapattu <rajith77@gmail.com> wrote:

>    I agree with Rob Godfrey, that if they want advanced AMQP features it is
> likely that they will rewrite a reasonable chunk of code to get there
> application to support the new logic. Compared to that, writing code to use
> a AMQP API is not much. So what's all this fuss about?

I don't think it follows that it is "not much". There is also the
additional consideration that if someone is starting out you are
creating a choice for them that they may not want to make or feel
comfortable making. Maybe on day 1 they are happy with JMS but if by
doing that they close the door to using "advanced" AMQP features what
should they do? Start with the other "more powerful" API? You are
effectively turning the JMS implementation into a second class API.

Do not underestimate the cost of change.

> 4. It is sad that folks have failed to see the main point of refactoring is
> to modularize and achive a layered architecture that is easy to maintain and
> modify.

We need to have a discussion about our API strategy. Without getting
agreement on that now this discussion will keep coming up.

>    I didn't do the refactor to create another API. As Robert Godfrey points
> out, when u rearrange the code in modular way it starts to look like an API
> between each layers.

I am sure there are many products that internally have layers that
"look like APIs" but the question is whether you promote those APIs
for people to build applications against.


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