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From Rafael Schloming <rafa...@redhat.com>
Subject Re: M2 -> Trunk Merge
Date Fri, 03 Aug 2007 12:29:42 GMT
Martin Ritchie wrote:
> On 01/08/07, Rafael Schloming <rafaels@redhat.com> wrote:
>> Martin Ritchie wrote:
>>> Can I ask why my commit revision 561578 was rollback?
>>> If there was a problem with my commit I would expect there to be a
>>> discussion on the list before over 2 hours of my work is thrown away!
>> Your work wasn't thrown away. You can recover it in your local checkout
>> with the following command, get it to build, and then resubmit the
>> changes. Nothing you have done was lost.
>> svn merge -r561364:561365 qpid/java
>>> Rafael as you rolled back the changes can you please explain.
>> The changes didn't build, as I said before there were conflict markers,
>> conflicting imports, calls to nonexistent methods. I did make an effort
>> to fix the problems, but after digging through a number of issues I
>> realized that the code hadn't been completely resolved, or compiled. At
>> that point I realized I had no way of knowing whether it would take 2
>> hours or 2 days to get the trunk building again, and given how many
>> other people are working on the trunk I really had no option but to
>> rollback the change as I couldn't leave the trunk in that state for an
>> indeterminate period.
>>> I can guarantee that some of the files that you have removed from
>>> trunk will *NEVER* impact the build process.
>> That may well be true, however I thought it better to just rollback the
>> whole change underneath the java dir so that you could easily recover it
>> with the svn command I supplied above and then pick up where you left
>> off in your conflict resolution.
>>> If my changes caused problems with the build then I apologise however
>>> I was unable to fully test the changes because the maven build system
>>> was already broken on trunk.
>> The fact that the build didn't work correctly out of the box on cygwin
>> was my fault. A situation for which I apologize, and have since
>> attempted to rectify. The code, however, was not broken at that point
>> since it was being regularly built on non windows boxes.
>> If the build is broken, please make every attempt to fix it or email the
>> list so that someone else can fix it. Submitting changes on top of an
>> already broken trunk without fixing it first only makes it harder to
>> unravel the reason that the build is failing, and the odds that you will
>> get your merge correct without ever building it are vanishingly small.
>> In the unlikely event that someone needs to break the build with a
>> submit, please let the list know so that the submit can be coordinated
>> with other people's oustanding changes, and a plan can be made to bring
>> the trunk back to working order in a reasonable timeframe.
>> --Rafael
>>> On 31/07/07, Rafael Schloming <rafaels@redhat.com> wrote:
>>>> Martin Ritchie wrote:
>>>>> Hi,
>>>>> I've merged all the changes from M2 to trunk. The merge was mostly painless.
>>>>> The only problems were:
>>>>> - I mvn doesn't seem to build on trunk.
>>>>>   - I've not used trunk in a while but it fails to compile the Common
>>>>> package with this error:
>>>>>   ( I put error at the end as it is a big stack trace )
>>>> It looks like this error is due to a problem invoking the python script
>>>> that generates the code for the 0-10 work. The invocation from the pom
>>>> file probably needs to be tweaked to work correctly on windows.
>>>> --Rafael
> Hi Rafael,
> Sorry if I seemed a bit off this morning must have gotten out of the
> wrong side of bed.
> Either that or my windows box was killing me again.
> Anyway no excuse.
> I'm sorry I committed the code with so may errors. I did carefully go
> through the diffs between my M2 and trunk after the merge. Most of the
> changes were to do with the exception method changes.
> I tried the command (svn merge) from above but it didn't appear to do
> the trick. Once I've cleared my work load I shall take another look at
> doing the merges. I don't think there is much different... perhaps
> just using kdiff and hand merging M2 on to Trunk might be the easier
> approach.
> Thanks for attempting to look at the build problems. I'm surprised
> there were conflict marks as both svn and kdiff never spotted them.
> But hey they are just tools :) I'm sure javac would have found the
> problem. I was just too impatient to commit as it kept failing because
> the repository was changed whilst I was doing the commit. Should have
> just waited till the morning rather than trying to commit last thing.

No problem, I've been there myself. ;)

I tried out the merge command and you're right, it doesn't get the paths 
right the way I specified it. If you do the following it should work 

cd qpid/java
svn merge -r561364:561365 .

The original form I gave you tries to apply the delta to the wrong level 
of the tree. If this version doesn't work for you, please let me know.


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