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From "Robert Greig" <robert.j.gr...@gmail.com>
Subject Building the C++ M2 branch
Date Mon, 03 Sep 2007 15:47:22 GMT
I decided to check out the M2 branch and try building the C++ from
source. The platform was RH4 x86_64.

The good news is that overall it worked very well, almost according to
the instructions. When I am building, I am not root so I cannot use
yum to update packages therefore everything needs to be available in
non-standard locations.

The only issues I had were:

1) Someone had installed an old version of boost in /usr/lib and this
hadn't been built with -fPIC and therefore didn't link. I built my own
version of boost, but its libraries had the compiler name at the end
e.g. libboost_signals-gcc34.a. I therefore had to change the link
lines to get it to link. I wasn't sure how to do this properly so I
just hacked it in the Makefiles.

Is there either a better way of building boost so it doesn't have
these suffixes or a better way of configuring the libraries to link?

2) The build needed help2man installed. Unfortunately when I tried to
install that, it needed some perl module (Locale::gettext) and I had
no idea how to install a perl module (and the package came with no
instructions). Again I just hacked the makefile.

Apart from those minor issues, it built and ran fine.


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