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From "Robert Greig" <robert.j.gr...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: [ANN] java RC3 available
Date Tue, 04 Sep 2007 07:17:22 GMT
On 04/09/07, Martin Ritchie <ritchiem@apache.org> wrote:

> The two files provide access to two different components they could be
> combined but that would then require a new file format. The
> jmxremote.access does not confer any permission to connect to the
> broker for sending messages only the level of management control that
> they have over the entire broker. The access file controls only
> connections for broker access, sending and receiving via a set
> virtualhost. You can think of it as access controls port 5672 and
> jmxremote.access controls 8999.

I definitely think they should be combined. I think that
"authorisation" should be controlled in a single place to make it as
simple as possible for the user. It seems to me that we ended up with
two files for simplicity/speed of implementation rather than good

> They could be if you wrote a new PasswordFile class. I wrote the
> PlainPasswordVHostFile as a demonstration of how you could combine the
> PasswordFile and the AccessManager classes.

So which approach are we recommending for users? I am trying to put
together clear documentation on this.


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