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From "Robert Greig" <robert.j.gr...@gmail.com>
Subject M2 performance
Date Tue, 04 Sep 2007 08:25:17 GMT
I did some testing of M2 C++ and Java using the topic test. I aim to
put the results on a page in Confluence so we can track the
performance of our releases, and see the comparisons with other
products (where applicable).

With some minor tweaks for interop (see earlier email) I also tested
with OpenAMQ 1.2c3.

Tests were done on two HP DL 585 machines (4 way dual core opteron)
connected with Gb ethernet.

The headlines are:

1) performance is signficantly better for Java and C++ than it was for
M1. Previously with the Java client and Java broker, with 10 clients
was taking about 500ms to do 10,000 messages of 256 bytes to 10
clients. Now that is taking between 250 and 300 ms.

2) performance of Java and C++ brokers is roughly the same. I would
need to run longer tests perhaps going beyond 16 clients to establish
anything more detailed

3) Qpid M2 outperforms OpenAMQ by a factor of at least 2 on this test


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