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From Rafael Schloming <rafa...@redhat.com>
Subject Re: Java M2 - status of three outstanding Jiras
Date Fri, 14 Sep 2007 20:54:06 GMT
Rafael Schloming wrote:
> Robert Greig wrote:
>> Hi,
>> We were aiming to get the three critical M2 jiras done today, so I
>> thought I should ask what the status is - here were the earlier
>> summaries I had:
>> QPID-531 : Martin has a one line fix for this which will be committed 
>> very soon
>> There haven't been any commits for this yet. Martin is this on track
>> for today? Did testing show up bugs?
>> QPID-572 : Believed to be fixed
>> There has been some further discussion about this following a commit
>> by Martin. Do we think we have a fix or is more work required?
> This is a tricky issue. There are actually two bugs here. The correct 
> fix for QPID-572 (the original patch submitted to the JIRA) actually 
> causes another race condition to be more likely. I've described the 
> other race condition in detail in QPID-601.
> The modified patch for QPID-572 simply circumvents the effect of the 
> correct fix when selectors are used. This makes QPID-601 less likely to 
> occur, but the basic race condition described in QPID-601 is still 
> there. Unfortunately this also reintroduces the ordering bug if 
> selectors are used, and also unfortunately, AFAICT a proper fix for 
> QPID-601 is non trivial.
> So basically if we want to release M2 in a timely manner we need to 
> choose between selectors with correct message ordering and a higher 
> chance of messages being stranded, or selectors with incorrect message 
> ordering and a lower chance of messages being stranded.

Just to be clear, the message ordering problem should be fixed either 
way if you don't use selectors.


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