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From "Robert Greig" <robert.j.gr...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: Snapshots - was Re: [java]: compilation failure on M2 and trunk
Date Wed, 03 Oct 2007 19:09:01 GMT
On 03/10/2007, Daniel Kulp <daniel.kulp@iona.com> wrote:

> One of the main points of using maven was to get artifacts into the
> repositories in a way that other USERS can use them with their maven
> builds.

Other MAVEN USERS presumably.

> Since you haven't done a release, the artifacts aren't there.
> Once you do the release (providing it's done properly) and actually
> start getting users that want to integrate Qpid into their builds, this
> starts becoming increasingly important.

Are you saying there is no way to use a jar in a maven build that
isn't available on a maven repo? If so that sounds like a pretty
damning indictment of maven.


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