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From "Robert Greig" <robert.j.gr...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: Snapshots - was Re: [java]: compilation failure on M2 and trunk
Date Wed, 03 Oct 2007 20:50:16 GMT
On 03/10/2007, Daniel Kulp <daniel.kulp@iona.com> wrote:

> For example: you are currently using mina version 1.0.0.   I see 1.0.6
> was released yesterday.   To see if qpid works, just update your top
> level pom to 1.0.6 and run.   There's also a 1.1.3 released yesterday.
> Again, update and try it.  (I assume 1.1.x might have more API changes
> that may require more work).     If I want to try the 1.0.7-SNAPSHOT
> builds, that's easy too.

I presume you mean developers of Qpid, not developers who use Qpid in
their project, since anyone using a project who tries a dependency
like that to see if it works is just mad.

For Qpid developers, downloading dependencies is not a big deal. The
number of dependencies used by the Qpid client is deliberately small.

> 2) Ease for your users - related to (1).   If you do a "mvn deploy", all
> your artifacts should then be in the repo.   I could depend on
> qpid-client only and I'd get everything that qpid-client needs
> automatically.   If you have a pom pointing at a local file not in a
> repo, I would then also have to go off to figure out where the hell that
> file is and also do all the "magic" to get mvn to use it.

Or you could download a client bundle and get all our dependencies in
the same way that if I want Oracle drivers, or WebLogic or Gigaspaces
I just download it and install it.

I think this dependency feature is oversold and outweighed by the
repeatability disadvantages already discussed.

> It cycles down from there.   Lets say I then deploy new artifacts.   My
> users would then also have to find the jar, etc...   They may not know
> that I even use qpid.   They would just complain and bitch at me for
> something you started.

It's up to you to provide tested distributions and clear instructions.


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