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From Arnaud Simon <asi...@redhat.com>
Subject Re: QPID/Java F2F Meeting
Date Fri, 07 Dec 2007 13:28:38 GMT

On Fri, 2007-12-07 at 10:39 +0000, Robert Godfrey wrote:
> I'm just awaiting confirmation of the details from the people in
> Glasgow who booked the location,  I'll send out the details
> individually to all those who are confirmed as coming as soon as I get
> them.
> The main outcome from the meeting that I would like to see is a plan
> for the beginning of 2008 which we can report back to the group.  
> the things in my mind that we need to talk about are:
> * AMQP 0-10, the work already done on the Qpid client and how we move
> the broker forward
> * Broker refactoring : Queue, Subscription, CSDM etc
> * Clustering / Failover in the broker and the client 
> * Configuration and Management (JMX, AMQP based mgmt)
> * Persistence : need an Apache license compatible store
> * Documentation, testing, examples
> * Building, packaging, website

It looks as if we have a common list -)   

> I suggest we use the first hour of the F2F do agree on the time we
> wish to allocate to any topics that people bring to the table. 

Sounds good! 
I wanted to start thinking about an agenda earlier rather than later so
that people can start thinking about

It would for example be excellent if an 0.10 specialist can give an
overview of the new protocol to the group. Somebody that has worked on
the 0.10 client can also tell people about it, etc. 


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