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From "Danny Zadok" <danny_za...@softmodule.com>
Subject Re: QPID Client for Windows
Date Wed, 16 Apr 2008 19:41:28 GMT
Thanks Manie. 
Steve and me have exchanged emails and we will work together to do this job. 


Best Regrads,

Danny Zadok
eMail: Danny_Zadok@softmodule.com
Mobile: 972-57-565-9593

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From: "Marnie McCormack" <marnie.mccormack@googlemail.com>

Date: Wed, 16 Apr 2008 20:17:39 
To:"danny_zadok@softmodule.com" <danny_zadok@softmodule.com>,qpid-dev@incubator.apache.org,
Subject: Re: QPID Client for Windows

Hi Danny, 
Steve has been speaking a little with Andrew Stitcher & Carl Trielloff about how best
to approach this work on qpid-dev (best to subscribe to the list I think). 
Here's a couple of links which should take you to the existing discussion threads (hope they
work ok): 


Steve - not sure if you're working via JIRA on this one (apologies, slightly swamped so JIRA
detail a little vague right now !) ? 
It sounds like Danny would be best to have some clear idea from you about how best to work
i.e. so you don't bump into each other :-) Do you guys know each other already - just asking
out of interest ? We don't often get two volunteers on the same piece (though it is great
!) ? 
BTW - no-one proposed on this on GSoC afaik, so won't have a student on this one. 
Danny - let me/us know if we can help more ! 

On 4/16/08, danny_zadok@softmodule.com <mailto:danny_zadok@softmodule.com>  <danny_zadok@softmodule.com
<mailto:danny_zadok@softmodule.com> > wrote: Hi Marnie,
I also wrote to Steve. I am also intersted to be involved in this effort, porting QPID client
to Windows.
 Please let me know if any help is needed.


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