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From Alan Conway <acon...@redhat.com>
Subject Re: Improving docs on C++ examples
Date Thu, 24 Apr 2008 21:32:15 GMT
Senaka Fernando wrote:
> Hi all,
> As a first step towards improving documentation on Qpid, and understanding
> how it works, I wanted to run some examples. I first of all wanted to try
> out the Java examples, but mainly due to no-documentation, I couldn't really
> get through. However, I managed to successfully install and try out the C++
> examples, and I'm looking forward to create documentation in this regard.
> There are few questions that I would like to sort out, before getting
> started.
> 1. Isn't it better to name examples/examples to something like examples/src

Yes, this area is a bit messy right now - the trick is that most of the C++ 
build uses automake, but the examples have a plain vanilla makefile so they can 
be built against a qpid install as well as in an SVN checkout. The way its done 
right now is not ideal, I have some thoughts about cleaning it up but not much 
time :(

> 2. What does verfify and verify_all do? When I run it I get something like
> this

These scripts run the C++ and python examples against each other and 
automatically verify that the output is as expected. They are also supposed to 
work both in SVN and against an installation. They've been turned off in the C++ 
build for a while due to temporary C++/python incompatibilities during the 
migration to AMQP 0-10 so it's possible they have become broken. I plan to turn 
them on again next week and will sort out any problems I find. These scripts are 
part of the developer test framework rather than an end-user tool.

Great to see you're interested in the project, jonathan.robie@redhat.com has 
done a lot of example documentation work so I suggest collaborating with him.

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