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From Jonathan Robie <jonathan.ro...@redhat.com>
Subject Tentative Agenda: Documentation and Examples Planning: Monday, 5 May, 9:00 EST
Date Sun, 04 May 2008 23:54:50 GMT
Tentative Agenda
Documentation and Examples Planning
Monday, 5 May, 9:00 EST

Call-in info:  This meeting will be held on Google Partychat. on the 
#qpiddocumentation channel. To enter the chat using GoogleTalk, send the 
following IM to partychat@gmail.com: "/enter #qpiddocumentation".

1. Choose a moderator for the meeting
2. List proposed agenda items
3. Prioritize agenda items for the first meeting.
4. Initial work on agenda items from #3
5. Choice of next meeting time

Here are some agenda items that I expect to come up in #2. We may not 
cover them all in one meeting.

- List of documentation in progress
- Physical formats: DocBook, Forrester, Wiki, source documentation, 
READMEs, language-specific API docs. Which formats do we want to use in 
the near to medium range?
- Example programs: What examples are missing? Does the current examples 
framework work well?
- Donating Red Hat tutorial to Qpid: status, formats
- Bugzilla for documentation - how should this be set up?
- Who wants to do what?
- Partychat vs. telephone vs. other media - is partychat a good medium? 
Is there anything overwhelmingly better?

I'm sure I'm missing many things we can fruitfully discuss .... and that 
there's more in just the above list for one meeting. Which is why #3 
will be essential ;->


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