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From Alan Conway <acon...@redhat.com>
Subject Re: Status of Qpid port to Windows
Date Sat, 31 May 2008 18:46:04 GMT
Steve Huston wrote:
> Hi Alan,
>> Great. I've got my hands full with other stuff at the moment, 
>> so I'll probably 
>> wait till you get that patch ready to commit. Do you need 
>> help debugging the leaks & test failures?
> That would be great... In particular, is there a place I can find
> logging info from the broker and/or clients?

Check the --log options on qpidd --help. Most of our test clients also support 
the logging options on command line, and you can get logging from any client, 
even if it doesn't do command line arg parsing, by setting env vars. The env 
vars have the same name as the optoions with a QPID_ prefix, uppercase, _ 
instead of -.

E.g. I usually export QPID_TRACE=1 when I need verbose output from the clients. 
Clients & broker log to stderr by default you can redirect with --log-output (or 
QPID_LOG_OUTPUT), filter with --log-enable etc.

> Also, if someone really knowledgable can help by applying the patches
> and working this locally, I can pay for some of your time if that
> would make a difference. Let me know if this is an option.

Not for me, can't speak for anyone else.

I've got a deadline coming up mid June, after that I will try to give this some 
attention if nobody else gets there first.

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