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From "Martin Ritchie" <ritch...@apache.org>
Subject Party Chat #qpiddocumentation chat log
Date Mon, 05 May 2008 14:42:33 GMT
 ["jonathan"] -------------------------------------------
 [senakafdo@gmail.com] just a minute I'll get him to sign in too
 ["jonathan"] ok, it's 27 minutes late, let's restart and catch him up
when he gets in?
 [danushka.menikkumbura@gmail.com] yeah i asked him to get in
 [rajith77@gmail.com] cool
 [senakafdo@gmail.com] hi
 [rajith77@gmail.com] hello senaka
 [danushka.menikkumbura@gmail.com] Hi
 [senakafdo@gmail.com] do u see this?
 [danushka.menikkumbura@gmail.com] yeah
 ["jonathan"] ok, let me restart the discussion with two lists
 gymnogyps@jabber.org is now known as jrobie
 [senakafdo@gmail.com] if so I'm thru on Pidgin
 ["jrobie"] interesting
 ["jonathan"] here's what i think we already have
 [senakafdo@gmail.com] ok this is a hack rather
 ["jonathan"] 1. examples (what's missing?)
 ["jonathan"] 2. readmes (thanks, senaka)
 [danushka.menikkumbura@gmail.com] yeah
 ["jonathan"] 3. the red hat tutorial, unless there is some glitch in
donating it
 ["jonathan"] 4. various wiki pages
 ["jonathan"] 5. inline documentation for the language apis
 gymnogyps@jabber.org (jrobie) left the chat
 ["jonathan"] is this true so far?
 [danushka.menikkumbura@gmail.com] and may be a FAQ?
 ["martin"]Though I think 5 maybe a little thin
 ["jonathan"] ah yes, i think there is a FAQ
 [senakafdo@gmail.com] well now I'm a bit organized... Hi Rajith,
Danushka, Jonathan, and the others
 ["jonathan"] martin - #5 is a little thin, and especially for python
 ["jonathan"] hi senaka
 [rajith77@gmail.com] agreed
 ["jonathan"] i've heard the following major concerns:
 [senakafdo@gmail.com] I'm working on helping Suran set it up
 ["jonathan"] - no docs for the java broker. is there anyone who would
like to write these?

 _Martin raises hand half way as his time is not his own_
 _senakafdo@gmail.com raises hand_
 _jonathan recognizes Martin's hand and grins_
 [senakafdo@gmail.com] /nick Senaka
 ["jonathan"] ok, can we put senaka and martin on this task together?
is that a good plan?
 [rajith77@gmail.com] +1
 [danushka.menikkumbura@gmail.com] yeah i think so
 [danushka.menikkumbura@gmail.com] +1
 [senakafdo@gmail.com] cool
 ["jonathan"] ok, unless there's an objection ....
 [danushka.menikkumbura@gmail.com] btw how do you raise hand?
 _jonathan waits 3 minutes 200 microseconds to entertain possible objections_
 ["jonathan"] ok, none heard (i have a fast watch)
 [senakafdo@gmail.com] danushka: /me <msg>
 [danushka.menikkumbura@gmail.com] thanks
 ["martin"] and to change name /alias <name> these and more listed
here /commands
 ["jonathan"] next topic: introductory programming do cs
 ["jonathan"] red hat is trying to contribute these, they are
discussing with apache, i don't expect there to be a problem
 [rajith77@gmail.com] good
 ["jonathan"] suppose we were able to contribute the existing red hat
tutorial. would that meet the need? are there important things missing
in the tutorial?
 senakafdo@gmail.com is now known as Senaka
 [rajith77@gmail.com] I think that is a good start as we have a set of
interoperating examples - if we add more then we need to make sure
they continue to interoperate and follow the same theme
 rajith77@gmail.com is now known as rajith
 ["jonathan"] i'd like that
 ["jonathan"] (but i'm biased)
 ["martin"] Can we have the link again.. I'm getting a 404 on the
Messsaging Tutorial
 ["aidan"] it's a good start, needs more coverage but docs are never done
 ["aidan"] http://www.redhat.com/docs/en-US/Red_Hat_Enterprise_MRG/1.0/html/Messaging_Tutorial/
 ["jonathan"] ok, these docs are currently in docbook, and i'd really,
really like to keep it that way. the amqp sources are also written in
docbook (an xml format), which makes it easy to produce html and pdf
 ["martin"] docbook++
 woot! docbook -> 1
 [danushka.menikkumbura@gmail.com] its a nicely structured doc i must say
 suranjay@gmail.com joined the chat
 ["jonathan"] does anyone want to help me with future development of
the tutorial? rajith already helps with the examples, doing most of
the work on the java examples with arnaud
 ["aidan"] (simplified) docbook would be my strong perference
 ["jonathan"] welcome, suran
 ["rajith"] +1 for doc book, I would go further and say all version
specific documentation for qpid should be in doc and should live in
 _danushka.menikkumbura@gmail.com i would like to_
 ["Senaka"] suran, welcome in
 ["aidan"] yes
 [suranjay@gmail.com] very sorry guys. Was trying to get in.
 [danushka.menikkumbura@gmail.com] Hi Suran
 ["jonathan"] yeah, a lot of people had trouble getting in
 ["rajith"] I have seen this model work successfully with several
other apache projects
 danushka.menikkumbura@gmail.com is now known as Danushka
 [suranjay@gmail.com] The problem was that I added only "partychat" as
the contact name, instead of "partychat@gmail.com
 suranjay@gmail.com is now known as Suran
 ["Danushka"] so getting back to Jonathan's request, I would like to
help you to improve the tutorial
 _Senaka thinks of bloggin the partychat cookbook _
 ["rob"] I agree with Rajith - docs in docbook, in svn, in a known directory
 ["Senaka"] so these are xml isn't it?
 ["rob"] yes
 ["Senaka"] what about 'xdocs' ?
 ["Suran"] yes, the site resources + docs in a separate svn checkout.
 ["rob"] aidan: for forrest what's the easiest way / best place to put the docs?
 ["aidan"] svn, we probably want to setup some :externals to link the
versioned specific bits to qpid/site but I haven't explored the best
mechanism yet
 ["aidan"] Senaka: xdocs would probably work, but docbook is more
widely known and has more mature tooling
 ["Danushka"] and when we make a distribution?
 ["Senaka"] this is my opinion on site resources and docs
 ["Senaka"] aidan: ok...
 ["Senaka"] since docs myt be a part of the packing... it must be a
part of the trunk
 ["rajith"] +1 for aidans idea - we can have a top level svn dir for
the site and find a mechanism to link version specific docs for each
languages impl
 ["Senaka"] the site resources, need not be a part of the trunk
 ["Senaka"] trunk means
 ["rajith"] aidan, can forrest handle this sort of thing?
 ["Suran"] derby uses forrest to build their site
 ["aidan"] i believe so, yes
 ["rob"] jonathan got kicked out of the chat... he is trying to rejoin
 ["Senaka"] rob: he'll probably have to leave this chat and re-join
 ["Senaka"] I had to do it
 ["Suran"] cd ..
 ["Suran"] sorry abt that.
 _Senaka lol_
 ["Senaka"] aidan: rajith: so what is the likely location for the
docbook directory?
 ["Senaka"] http://svn.apache.org/repos/asf/incubator/qpid/ ... ?
 ["Danushka"] +1 to make it a root dir like specs
 ["Senaka"] I see
 ["rajith"] yes we can have a dir called site - just as aidan suggested
 ["Senaka"] so you'll be having the lang specific stuff sub-dir'ed
 ["aidan"] trunk/qpid/doc and trunk/qpid/${lang}/doc for the version
specific bits, like the programming guides etc
 ["Danushka"] yeah that would be fine
 ["Senaka"] aidan: +1
 ["Senaka"] makes sense
 ["aidan"] and qpid/site for the website, with links out of there
 ["Senaka"] aidan: yes
 ["rajith"] aidan +1
 ["aidan"] but this is all getting a little ahead of ourselves, we
can't take any decisions here
 ["Senaka"] that's what I have seen in other ASF projects
 ["rob"] we can come to a consensus about what we will propose and
vote for on the list
 ["rob"] others on the list may have differing ideas of course
 ["rajith"] I suggest we make a proposal based on this chat and then
call a vote - I am sure other will agree
 ["aidan"] if everybody is happy with forrest can they have a look at
the stuff I checked in and help organise the existing confluence
 ["Senaka"] rajith: makes sense
 ["aidan"] there's already a snapshot export of it, but it needs some
visual love
 ["Danushka"] but what about common docs like LICENCE, etc?
 ["rajith"] aidan link?
 ["Senaka"] LICENSE is not a doc
 ["Senaka"] it is rather a project requisite
 ["Danushka"] yeah but we need to have it in a separate place
 ["Senaka"] no
 ["Senaka"] root of source
 ["Danushka"] at the moment in the root dir
 ["Senaka"] yes
 ["Senaka"] makes sense
 ["aidan"] http://svn.apache.org/viewvc/incubator/qpid/branches/forrest-site/
 ["Senaka"] I'm not sure what the apache guidelines say
 ["Senaka"] but as I remember it is root of source
 ["rajith"] aidan cool
 ["aidan"] LICENSE needs to be somewhere in our source distributions,
for convenience sake qpid/trunk is the easiest and quickets place to
have it
 ["Senaka"] aidan: yes that's what I was talking
 ["Senaka"] well it actually works like this
 ["rajith"] aidan, how do I build the site?
 ["Senaka"] any source/bin distro has to have it
 ["Senaka"] thus ex:- if you pack examples separately
 ["Danushka"] agreed
 ["aidan"] rajith: forrest run
 ["Senaka"] it has to be a part of trunk/examples
 ["rajith"] adian, thanks
 ["aidan"] the location of LICENSE is not really on topic for here
 _Senaka agrees_
 ["rajith"] aidan +1 - lets focus on the task at hand
 ["Danushka"] +1
 ["jonathan"] hah, i'm back
 ["Danushka"] finally
 ["jonathan"] sorry guys (is anyone else having problems staying in once in?)
 ["Suran"] forrest run will start up the jetty server at localhost:8888
 ["jonathan"] so what happened in my absence?
 ["rob"] you've been assigned all the work
 ["martin"] When did you drop out
 ["jonathan"] i hear a lot about forrest, i have no idea what's
involved in using forrest or how much work that is or what the
relationship is to docbook
 ["aidan"] jonathan: forrest speaks docbook
 ["jonathan"] that's good ;->
 ["aidan"] jonathan: it can use mixed html/docbook/xdoc docbooks to
create a website, and has a handy mechanism for pulling in version
specific documentation
 ["jonathan"] it's basically a web site management tool for docbook documents?
 ["jonathan"] and how does it relate to svn?
 ["aidan"] s/xdoc docbooks/xdoc documents/
 "aidan" meant _jonathan: it can use mixed html/docbook/xdoc documents
to create a website, and has a handy mechanism for pulling in version
specific documentation_
 ["aidan"] it's all configured from a few xml files so it can be
checked in, it has no direct relationship
 ["aidan"] with svn
 ["jonathan"] ok, that's good
 ["jonathan"] so would hte idea be to eliminate our wiki-based stuff,
pulling everything into docbook, publishing via forrest?
 ["Senaka"] and regarding README stuff... I suggest that we add a
README on how to generate documentation as well
 ["aidan"] skipping the pulling everything into docbook bit, yeah
 ["aidan"] we can just run with an html export from confluence
 ["aidan"] and convert as we go
 ["rob"] What, if anything, will we wish to retain as Wiki pages?
 ["aidan"] (which means we don't have to lock the wiki while we can
convert it, we can just pull it in and flip the switch)
 ["martin"] I'd think a design section. for discussion
 ["aidan"] i think we want to keep our wiki for design documentation
that's a WIP
 ["jonathan"] is it worth using the wiki as a scratch pad?
 ["rajith"] +1 aidan, we can convert as we go, lets switch to the new
website when it's in a decent state, until then we run stuff parallely
 ["jonathan"] i agree
 ["martin"] The benefit is if we are using forrest for our main site
then we don't have to have ICLAs on file for wiki edit rights.
 ["jonathan"] aidan - is this initial conversion of the site something
you're signing up for?
 ["rajith"] +1 we need to keep the wiki for what its' intended for
 ["aidan"] jonathan: apparently so
 ["jonathan"] aidan - do you need help on that? i have no idea what
the time commitment is
 ["aidan"] I can do the conversion, more than anything else I need a
visual person
 ["Danushka"] and for a newcomer the wiki is the best place to start with
 ["rajith"] I will help with the visual stuff
 ["Senaka"] aidan: yes
 ["aidan"] who can help with the look, the forrest skins are a bit... ugly...
 ["Danushka"] I am new to forrest but think I am good at UI stuff
 ["jonathan"] aidan - rajith signed up, i think
 ["rajith"] ok I am no web designer, but I am no mug with graphics,
color schemes etc..
 ["jonathan"] i can do css work or xslt or whatever if needed
 ["rajith"] so I can have a look at getting that going
 _Danushka can help rajith_
 ["jonathan"] ok, primary responsibilities so far:
 ["jonathan"] Java Broker Docs: Martin & Senaka

 ["jonathan"] decisions:
 ["rajith"] +1, since this is checked into svn, now we can do stuff
and email patches etc..
 ["Suran"] I'd like to help out on the java side of things also
 ["rajith"] jonathan, Danuhska also signed up for visual
 ["jonathan"] k
 ["jonathan"] Forrest Conversion: Aidan & Rajith & Danushka
 ["Danushka"] thats fine
 ["jonathan"] we've decided to move tutorial, installation, and
administration docs to docbook
 ["jonathan"] we've decided to move the current wiki content to
Forrest - there's some overlap here
 ["Senaka"] aidan: I believe that the forrest site is made out of forrest?
 ["jonathan"] any other decisions i've missed? (i'm writing the
decisions into minutes as we go)
 ["Senaka"] yes
 ["aidan"] Senaka: it has no native format, it can read docbook, html
and xdoc (and txt)
 ["Danushka"] and regarding Senaka's suggestion on writing a README
for doc generation?
 ["jonathan"] who is writing the README for doc generation?
 ["jonathan"] any volunteers to write a README for doc generation? is
this something Aidan & Rajith & Danushka can do as they do the
 ["martin"] Hope fully it will be a one time deal.
 ["jonathan"] ok, the README sounds like a "not gonna happen"
 ["martin"] senakafdo@gmail.com joined the chat
 ["jonathan"] at least nobody is going to do it
 ["rajith"] ok senaka signed up for it
 _jonathan cheers_
 ["rajith"] well he is the one who proposed it after all
 ["Danushka"] /command
 senakafdo@gmail.com (Senaka) left the chat
 ["jonathan"] ACTION: SENAKA to write README for doc generation
 ["martin"] What's next on the list
 ["jonathan"] i propose we schedule action items and the next meeting
 ["jonathan"] i see at least the following action items:
 ["jonathan"] Martin & Senaka to rough out a plan for java broker docs
 danushka.menikkumbura@gmail.com joined the chat
 ["jonathan"] Jonathan to keep pushing on donation of red hat tutorial
and possibly other docs to qpid, Jonathan and Danushka to review
current tutorial
 ["jonathan"] Aidan & Rajith & Danushka to scope out Forrest
conversion and report
 ["Suran"] ping
 ["jonathan"] are there any other action items?
 suranjay@gmail.com joined the chat
 senakafdo@gmail.com joined the chat
 ["jonathan"] hi suran, senaka
 danushka.menikkumbura@gmail.com joined the chat
 suranjay@gmail.com joined the chat
 [senakafdo@gmail.com] hi all
 ["jonathan"] i'd better repeat the action items ;->
 senakafdo@gmail.com is now known as Senaka
 ["jonathan"] senaka - can you write a README for document generation?
 ["Senaka"] sure
 ["Danushka"] HI
 ["jonathan"] ok, other action items
 ["Danushka"] Hi all
 ["jonathan"] 1. Martin & Senaka to rough out a plan for java broker docs
 ["jonathan"] 2. Jonathan to push on donating Red Hat tutorials
 danushka.menikkumbura@gmail.com joined the chat
 ["jonathan"] 3. Danushka & Jonathan to review existing tutorial documentation
 ["jonathan"] 4. Aidan & Rajith & Danushka to scope out Forrest
conversion and do a prototype of a few pages
 ["jonathan"] is that about right?
 ["martin"] Sounds good. We also need to put minutes up on wiki along
with these discussion points for next meeting. Woudl be good to have a
list of discussion points for next time.
 suranjay@gmail.com joined the chat
 ["Senaka"] SL folks had a random disconnect
 suranjay@gmail.com joined the chat
 ["jonathan"] martin - yes, i'll do that.
 ["Senaka"] so pls make sure to try /commands to make sure you are in
 ["martin"] Great. I'll add my list of areas I think we are short in.
 ["jonathan"] next meeting: does partychat work? does this time work?
 ["jonathan"] i notice a lot of people bouncing in and out, including
me, i'd like something less fragile than partychat.
 ["Senaka"] +1
 ["jonathan"] but i don't know if there is anything less fragile that
we can all use
 [suranjay@gmail.com] i lost all of what was said.
 ["martin"] I can only use Phone or Partychat.
 ["Senaka"] I'm also a bit lost
 ["aidan"] suranjay: you could turn on logging in your client
 ["Senaka"] I'm logging...
 ["Senaka"] but I was disconned for a while
 ["jonathan"] ok, phone vs. partychat - who prefers phone? who prefers
party chat?
 ["Senaka"] so they wont be logged
 ["rajith"] k, I got to go for another meeting - I assume somebody is
going to make a post to the list
 [suranjay@gmail.com] me 2. but that's only show stuff that came in right?
 [suranjay@gmail.com] is there a way to view channel history?
 danushka.menikkumbura@gmail.com joined the chat
 ["jonathan"] for those who have missed stuff, i think this is the summary:
 ["jonathan"] Java Broker Docs: Martin & Senaka
1. Martin & Senaka to rough out a plan for java broker docs
2. Jonathan to push on donating Red Hat tutorials
3. Danushka & Jonathan to review existing tutorial documentation
4. Aidan & Rajith & Danushka to scope out Forrest conversion and do a
prototype of a few pages
5. Senaka to write README for doc generation
 ["Senaka"] can we post an un-interruped chat log?
 ["martin"] What client does everyone use? Perhaps there is a client
issue that a quick client change could sort the random disconnect
 ["jonathan"] does anyone have an uninterrupted chat log?
 ["martin"] Senaka. I'll email the lit with the log
 ["martin"] s/lit/list/
 "Martin" meant _Senaka. I'll email the list with the log_
 ["Danushka"] Hi
 ["jonathan"] thanks, martin
 ["martin"] np
 ["Senaka"] martin: yeah got it
 ["jonathan"] i'll send the summary as well
 danushka.menikkumbura@gmail.com joined the chat
 ["Senaka"] ok
 [danushka.menikkumbura@gmail.com] ah
 [danushka.menikkumbura@gmail.com] i am back
 ["Senaka"] are we ok to use yahoo?
 ["jonathan"] who would prefer phone to partychat?
 [danushka.menikkumbura@gmail.com] whew
 ["martin"] partychat++
 woot! partychat -> 1
 [danushka.menikkumbura@gmail.com] i prefere yahoo
 ["Senaka"] you can only use XMPP stuff?
 [suranjay@gmail.com] yes, y not go yahoo?
 ["aidan"] we can only use xmpp
 [suranjay@gmail.com] ah okay.
 ["Senaka"] the co that remains un-named can't
 ["Senaka"] ok
 ["jonathan"] can yahoo work for the jabber-only crowd?
 danushka.menikkumbura@gmail.com is now known as Danushka.Menik
 ["Senaka"] may be there are jabber chat rooms?
 ["jonathan"] senaka, danushka, do you prefer phone or partychat?
 ["Senaka"] partychat is better
 ["Danushka.Menik"] partychat
 ["Senaka"] if it is stable
 ["Danushka.Menik"] yeah
 ["martin"] Perhaps we should end with a list of clients and if you
had problems? Then we might find a stable client
 ["Senaka"] we have XMPP chat rooms at office
 ["jonathan"] ok. same time next week?
 ["Senaka"] so can we use something similar?
 ["rajith"] I am using gaim and I never had problems
 ["jonathan"] martin: google chat had problems
 ["Senaka"] jonathan: +1
 ["rajith"] try using gaim
 ["Senaka"] I'm using pidgin and have problems
 ["martin"] jonathan : google chat via what client? I have a custom
client and had no issues what so ever
 ["Senaka"] pidgin is new-gaim isn't it?
 ["jonathan"] PROPOSAL: next week, 9:000 EST (same time as this week),
using partychat
 ["Senaka"] +1
 ["jonathan"] Martin - the client in gmail
 ["jonathan"] Martin - also trying to connect via gaim, but had difficulty
 ["Danushka.Menik"] +1
 ["Danushka.Menik"] btw what happened while i was away?
 ["Senaka"] seems that this is something else
 ["rajith"] maybe I am still using fedora 6, so quite old, maybe they
renamed gaim
 ["Senaka"] all the SL folks disconned at once
 ["jonathan"] gaim is now pidgin
 [suranjay@gmail.com] it'd be great if I cud chip in somewhr too.
 ["jonathan"] i'm on F8
 ["jonathan"] suranjay - chip in now
 ["Senaka"] so this isn't gaim or gtalk
 ["Senaka"] but something else
 ["Senaka"] however, +1 for XMPP chat rooms
 ["Danushka.Menik"] yeah that would be even better
 ["Senaka"] if you can find one that suits all
 [suranjay@gmail.com] jonathan: I meant in the sense of helping out
with a work item.
 ["jonathan"] oh cool!
 ["jonathan"] suran - what work items interest you?
 ["jonathan"] so far we have:
 ["jonathan"] Java Broker Docs: Martin & Senaka

 ["jonathan"] do you want to join on one of these groups, or is there
something else you want to work on?
 ["Senaka"] jonathan: in addition to these
 ["jonathan"] 1. Martin & Senaka to rough out a plan for java broker docs
2. Jonathan to push on donating Red Hat tutorials
3. Danushka & Jonathan to review existing tutorial documentation
4. Aidan & Rajith & Danushka to scope out Forrest conversion and do a
prototype of a few pages
5. Senaka to write README for doc generation
 ["Senaka"] we need some Basic docs on Python
 _jonathan listens to senaka_
 ["jonathan"] Senaka - you mean besides the existing python tutorial?
 ["Senaka"] pretty basic stuff
 [suranjay@gmail.com] i'd like to help with the java side docs
 ["Senaka"] where is the Python tutorial?
 ["jonathan"] Senaka - what would you like that is different from the
existing red hat messaging python tutorial?
 ["Senaka"] well I meant the README on trunk
 ["jonathan"] Senaka - part of my tutorial, read that first and let's discuss
 ["jonathan"] Senaka - propose something in email?
 ["Senaka"] jonathan: ok... I didn't mean a full comprehensive version
 ["jonathan"] Suranjay - do you want to help with the java broker docs
or with java client api docs or tutorial?
 _Senaka reads sent mail_
 ["jonathan"] Senaka - you did readmes for the examples in python too, no?
 ["Senaka"] I didn't get you
 ["Senaka"] readmes?
 ["Senaka"] oh ok
 ["Senaka"] READMEs
 ["jonathan"] yup
 ["Senaka"] nope...
 ["jonathan"] i propose that we declare the meeting done
 ["Senaka"] I'd like to
 ["rajith"] +1
 ["jonathan"] Senaka - can i sign you up for READMEs?
 ["Senaka"] but the clients wont run
 [suranjay@gmail.com] tutorial would be fine.
 ["Senaka"] so I need some time to figure it out
 ["jonathan"] Senaka - won't run? i'm surprised
 ["Senaka"] yes...
 ["Senaka"] Danushka: I hope u too had issues
 ["jonathan"] Senaka, Danushka - oh, i know what it is, the tutorial
is written for the preview, not 0-10, i'm converting that now
 ["Danushka.Menik"] yeah i did
 ["jonathan"] PROPOSAL: we are adjourned
 ["Senaka"] so the meeting next week will be, next mon UTC 2.00 to UTC 2.30
 ["Senaka"] +1
 ["martin"] seconded
 ["jonathan"] -------------------------------------------------------------------------------
 ["Danushka.Menik"] +1
 ["rajith"] +1
 [suranjay@gmail.com] +1
 ["jonathan"] oops, the firs tline was premature
 ["jonathan"] now we're adjourned
 ["jonathan"] ------------------------------------------------------------------

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