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From "Martin Ritchie" <ritch...@apache.org>
Subject Re: Where can I get QPID M2.1 bridging module for BDB store
Date Fri, 30 May 2008 07:28:07 GMT
2008/5/30 Carl Trieloff <cctrieloff@redhat.com>:
> Robert Greig wrote:
>> 2008/5/29 TLFox <timvolpe@googlemail.com>:
>>> Would certainly make my life (and other users) lives easier, especially
>>> the
>>> ones (like us) that don't use Maven.
>> This is a good point (although perhaps one for the RHM list rather
>> than the qpid list).
>> Carl - do the artefacts not get built nightly for RHM?
>> RG
> yes, there is a public page that has builds that passed all the tests. i.e.
> every time someone check something
> into apache  or related repos we build and all the tests pass the resulting
> artifacts are automatically
> posted http://rhm.et.redhat.com/download/
> if no update is seen within an hour after a checkin then the build failed or
> the test matrix did not pass
> that may or may not help you, regards
> Carl.

But Carl is this not a packaging of trunk? What Tim is looking for is
the M2.1 bdbstore module for the Java Apache Qpid broker. We had
previously put these on this page:


but as we said at the M2 release this was to be a temporary solution
whilst we got a wiki/webspace for the BDBStore Module. You may have
seen I created a JIRA for this task yesterday

I'm not sure which of the RH lists this conversation should be on so
I'm just replying here.

What do we need to do to get a download site for the Java BDBModule
that corresponds to our Apache releases?

Tim: I know it is not ideal but I can mail the the M2.1 BDB jar if you want.



Martin Ritchie

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