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From meh...@cs.man.ac.uk
Subject Java Client - Question
Date Thu, 12 Jun 2008 10:18:27 GMT
Hi All,

Thanks Carl for giving me a good starting point. So I am focusing on the 
first step from the following step (regarding JMX/WSDM Bridge project):

1. Creating a Java Client which can talk to Qpid C++ Broker. Thus I can 
fetch the schema out from the broker

2. Once I will get the schema, I will translate it into JMS object

3. Then, we can expose those to WSDM

One question on the first step, I am creating an individual Java Client for 
this. I dont really understand how I will bind Queue of my Java client to 
exchange so that I can receive messages and updates periodically from the 
exchange. Carl, did you want me to create an individual java client, if so 
how can I bind it with the exchange?

Secondly, will I use the Client APIs of Qpid broker to make the connection 
and create/declare queues and bind them to exchange?

For instance, I did find the APIs for the same under this directory 


Can I use this code to fetch the schema from the Qpid C++ broker?

Thank you.

Best Regards,

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