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From "lahiru gunathilake" <glah...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: Fortnight report (week 7-8)
Date Mon, 04 Aug 2008 11:12:12 GMT
Hi Marnie and Aidan,

I'm sorry for the delay for the fortnight report.During last two weeks I
started on working for the Apache Qpid CLI 0.2 Release.
Here's the major changes I have done for the CLI.
Major changes

1.You can use list command without specifying object type using -o option by
giving object type at the beginning.

   - ex: queue list - This is equal to list -o queue.
   - exchange list - This is equal to list -o exchange

2. Added following options for list command.

   - -n --name Allow user to specify object name type.
   - -v --virtualhost Allow user to specify virtualhost type.
   - -output Allow user to specify output format (csv)
   - -separator Separator for the output formatter

3. Change the way list command display information.

   - Now list command display limited number of information in a tabular
   format which is very clear.
   - If user want to see all the attributes of particular object user have
   to use info command.

4.Added a new command to CLI called ** info **

   - This command is very similar to list command and supports almost all
   the arguments which works with list command.
   - Only difference is this command display all the attributes of
   particular object type in a different format.

5.Added command completion for users convenience now you can use TAB key to
complete the command and object type.

6.Added capability of running a command in one shot which is very useful
when you want to run particular command in qpid-cli using a
shell script.

   - Ex: <$QPID_CLI/bin/qpid-cli queue list > - This command list all the
   queue objects and exit from the CLI so you can use these when you use shell
   - Usage of one shot mode : you can use grep awk like commands with normal
   qpid-cli commands with one shot mode like this.

$QPID_CLI/bin/qpid-cli queue list | grep ping

Thanks in advance

On Fri, Jul 4, 2008 at 9:33 AM, lahiru gunathilake <glahiru@gmail.com>wrote:

> Hi Marnie and Aidan,
>    -  After finishing implementation to support all the MBeans which are
>    already instruemented in the broker with list command I tried to expose some
>    more objects which are not already registered.While I'm trying to do that I
>    realized that I should go through the qpid code and started on reading qpid
>    java broker source code.Tried to import Qpid Java broker on to Intellij Idea
>    because I wanted to debug the broker, with the help from the mailing list I
>    was able run the broker successfully on Intellij Idea and I bloged about
>    that in my blog<http://lahirumanaya.blogspot.com/2008/06/import-apache-qpid-in-to-intellij-idea.html>.I
>    was informed that there's not much usefulness of monitoring Publisher and
>    Subscriber by Martin and Aidan so I start on concentrating on Connection
>    Object.(y Somehow I will try instrument those two objects too )
>    -  I was able to add the Connection object type to monitor using list
>    command. Martin helped me to figure this out since although that was
>    instrument on the broker it was not displayed in Jconsole. I have tested the
>    list command implementation for Connection object by running some samples
>    and it works fine.
>    - With the instruction from Aidan I started on writing Test cases to
>    all the possible methods in the current code.I have finish writing test
>    cases for almost all the methods.(Aidan please have a look in to my test
>    cases)
>    - Change the build of the project in to more easier way.Now user
>    doesn't need to set classpath or anything other than QPID_CLI environment
>    variable.Added another target to ant script to build test.(Still working on
>    running test cases using Ant at the moment Test cases can be run using an
>    IDE)
>    - As Aidan asked about releasing the CLI I have added another ant
>    target in order to create a jar for the project and now working releasing
>    the CLI.Following thing have to be done before releasing the CLI.
>    - Implement --help option for list command.
>    - Add some more details about the product in to README file.
> Please inform me what else to do before releasing the CLI.
> Thanks in advance
> Regards
> Lahiru
> On Fri, Jun 20, 2008 at 10:15 AM, lahiru gunathilake <glahiru@gmail.com>
> wrote:
>> Hi Marnie and Aidan,
>>    - Started implementing list command.
>>    - Now list command works with following options and following option
>>    values
>>    1. list -o queue           : list all the queue objects currently in
>>    the broker
>>    2. list -o virtualhost     : list all the virtualhost objects
>>    3. list -o all             : list all the mbeans and with all the
>>    attributes
>>    4. list -d                 : list all the domains in the broker
>>    -  After implementing those features I thought of giving somewhat
>>    formatted output and did some coding inorder to get a nice output for these
>>    previos commands.
>>    - Change the code as Aidan last week by phone and that code is far
>>    more better that the one
>>    - I wrote earlier and Aidan thanks for pointing that out.
>>    -  As Marnie ask me several types of objects to display using list
>>    command I tried to implement those features too.
>>    1. These objects
>>    2. Connection
>>    3. Consumers
>>    4. publishers
>> Issues
>> ======
>>  Since those objects are not listing in jconsole when we start the broker
>> and monitor without running any client I couldn't
>>  write that code and check whether it's working or not.So that's why I
>> thought of going through the broker code and find some way of access those
>> information or change the broker code inorder to create those objects even
>> when it start in normal mode(without running any client) then I can monitor
>> them easily in jconsole and find some way to access those MBeans.Do you have
>> any idea of doing this that would be really great to finish the
>> implementation of the command list. And once we finish that I think if we
>> can ask QPID users to use them and suggest some more features to
>> implement(new commands or some more options to list command) in interactive
>> mode.And when they use this in with a real broker we'll be able to find some
>> bugs in the code and I'm happy to fix them too.
>> Any comments about my work for last two weeks.
>> Thanks in advance
>> Regards
>> Lahiru
>> On Fri, Jun 6, 2008 at 8:49 AM, lahiru gunathilake <glahiru@gmail.com>
>> wrote:
>>> hi Marnie and Aiden,
>>> I'm writing the fortnight report in point form and I hope this will
>>> useful everybody to go through it
>>> easily.
>>> 1. Started coding for Gsoc in the first week and reused some of the code
>>> I wrote when I'm experimenting the project.
>>> 2.Wrote some more code for reading command when we give commands with
>>> arguments.(code to read options separately with option values)
>>> (ex: ./qpid-admin -h localhost -p 3434)
>>> 3.Found a library to support for the GNU ReadLine and start developing
>>> the CLI using that
>>> library.
>>> 4.Since I used some previously written JMX code I was able to connect to
>>> the remote broker
>>> once user give appropriate commands.
>>> 5. Designed a class diagram to include new commands to interactive mode,
>>> and implemented it and added two
>>> basic commands to the command line.(but didn't implemented the logic for
>>> those commands,when you type those
>>> commands it will just print some text)I spent sometime
>>> 6.Created ant build for the CLI and committed code for the repository
>>> created in google code project
>>> according to the advice given by Aiden.(Thanks Aiden for the help)
>>> 7. Started writing some test cases.
>>> 8. Now Implementing the business logic of following commands.
>>>         list
>>>         info
>>> I have some questions when i come to implementation of those commands and
>>> I hope to write them in to the
>>> thread we are discussing thing from the very beginning.
>>> Any comments about the way I gave you my fortnight report ? Is this too
>>> long/too short..?
>>> And any thoughts about my work I have done during first two weeks.
>>> Thanks
>>> Lahiru

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