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From Carl Trieloff <cctriel...@redhat.com>
Subject Re: M4 Timelines
Date Tue, 02 Dec 2008 15:56:30 GMT

> I think it's too late to be moving around directories at this stage. 
> IMHO we should focus on testing, getting the READMEs up to date, and 
> getting JIRA cleaned up. It's always been the case that each 
> sub-project in qpid has its own private way of doing things, and our 
> releases are a bit inconsistent as a result. I don't think we're going 
> to solve this issue for M4, but if we make it a focus for the next 
> devel cycle, there's a lot we could do to improve things for M5. I 
> think if we were to do this it would be reasonable to drop the 
> Milestone moniker from the release at that point.

I did some README clean up, which brought the question up for me.

My concern is that it is confusing.  The issue is the RELEASE_NOTE.txt 
file in the top level talks about M2.


a.) I could create a subdir for 0-8 and have top level REAME point to 
readme's in each subdir. But NOT move the
0-8 client into the subdir till after the release.

b.) we can move 0-8 into a sub dir

c.) we can do a bit more of what I have started -- add comments into the 
top level files to point to client010 files and
strip out the out of date info around M2.

any preferences?

it can't go out with files that read like it is a M2 release.

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