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From "Martin Ritchie" <ritch...@apache.org>
Subject Fwd: Chat with partychat4@gmail.com
Date Tue, 09 Dec 2008 15:42:49 GMT
For reference this is what they would look like.

Appologies now if my filter sends something beyond the party chat logs.


---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: partychat4@gmail.com <partychat4@gmail.com>
Date: 2008/12/9
Subject: Chat with partychat4@gmail.com
To: martin.a.ritchie@googlemail.com

These messages were sent while you were offline.
12:42 partychat4: robbie.gemmell@gmail.com joined the chat
  [robbie.gemmell@gmail.com] there we go
  [robbie.gemmell@gmail.com] hello all :)
  ["rob"] hi rg3 :-)
12:43 [robbie.gemmell@gmail.com] hi rob
  [robbie.gemmell@gmail.com] i tried getting in with Pidgin, but ended
up giving up and going with kopete
  ["rob"] Ah - I normally have the opposite problem
12:44 [robbie.gemmell@gmail.com] really? did you do anything special
with it ? Pidgin seems to be intercepting the partychat comands and
interpreting them so it wouldnt play
  ["rob"] ah
  ["rob"] you have to put a space first
  [robbie.gemmell@gmail.com] oh :)
12:45 [marnie.mccormack@mx.jpmorgan.com] HI Robbie
  [robbie.gemmell@gmail.com] right, ill try that now...would rather
use pidgin as then i can use it everywhere :)
  [robbie.gemmell@gmail.com] hi marnie
12:46 robbie.gemmell@gmail.com joined the chat
  [robbie.gemmell@gmail.com] yup that works, got a nice error that im
already in here :)
  ["rob"] :-)
16 minutes
13:03 partychat4: [robbie.gemmell@gmail.com] well i think its time for
lunch, bbiab :)
53 minutes
13:56 partychat4: robbie.gemmell@gmail.com left the chat
  robbie.gemmell@gmail.com joined the chat
41 minutes
14:38 partychat4: [robbie.gemmell@gmail.com] Marnie/Aidan (is there a
way to find out who is actually here using party chat? :p)
  ["aidan"] / list works
  ["Martin"] list is as close as you get :)
  [robbie.gemmell@gmail.com] it would appear that an M4 RC will be
rooled imminently...
  [robbie.gemmell@gmail.com] rolled
  [robbie.gemmell@gmail.com] any chance of getting the aptch in
QPID-1469 in there
  ["aidan"] but that's not proper presence
14:39 [robbie.gemmell@gmail.com] its 1 if statement, but it will stop
people bringing the broker down on restart :P
  ["rhs"] what's QPID-1469?
  [robbie.gemmell@gmail.com] if they use the management console ithout
  ["aidan"] rhs: it's an if foo == null then don't NPE
  ["rhs"] sounds fine
14:40 ["rhs"] lemmie take a quick look...
  [robbie.gemmell@gmail.com] oh, you are still here martin :)
14:41 ["rhs"] I don't have an issue with it.
  [marnie.mccormack@mx.jpmorgan.com] the dentist didn't kill Martin today :-)
14:42 [robbie.gemmell@gmail.com] lol :P
14:43 [marnie.mccormack@mx.jpmorgan.com] Hi Rafi - any thoughts on a
list of stuff to get to M4 finished state ?
14:47 ["rhs"] I don't believe there are any blockers at the moment.
  ["rhs"] gordon just killed the last one
14:48 ["Martin"] I'm always here Robbie, the log goes to my gmail
account so I can check it even if i'm 'not here' :)
14:49 ["aidan"] hurrah!
  [robbie.gemmell@gmail.com] ;)
  [marnie.mccormack@mx.jpmorgan.com] ah, that's like synchronous
messaging with the java broker ....
14:50 ["aidan"] robbie: is there a test for 1469?
14:51 [robbie.gemmell@gmail.com] I believe that would be a no :)
14:52 ["aidan"] could there be a test?
14:53 [robbie.gemmell@gmail.com] I just tested it manually. I havent
actually looked at the tests yet to see what they do.
  [marnie.mccormack@mx.jpmorgan.com] Rafi: Can you & Rajith update
your M4 JIRAs pls ?
  [marnie.mccormack@mx.jpmorgan.com] i think you're currently holding
a combined total in the 50s :-)
14:56 ["aidan"] robbie: i think you could construct something around
deleteUser() for it.
  ["aidan"] robbie: there doesn't seem to be anything existing
  [robbie.gemmell@gmail.com] make a temp file, delete user, compare
resulting file ?
  ["aidan"] robbie: yeah. the delete will likely chuck an exception
without your patch
14:57 [robbie.gemmell@gmail.com] indeed it will
15:00 ["aidan"] if that works out I'll commit it for M4, I've got
something else I need to get in as well
6 minutes
15:07 partychat4: [robbie.gemmell@gmail.com] should i just do it as a
unit test on AMQUserManagementMBean, or against a live broker using
  ["aidan"] unit test please
  [robbie.gemmell@gmail.com] k
15:08 ["aidan"] unless that turns out to be horrendous to set up, in
which case you might find it easier to write a systest that uses
QpidTestCase. A unit test should be simpler, and is preferable.
  [robbie.gemmell@gmail.com] it is simpler, it just doenst necessarily
test the method in question fully is all
15:09 [robbie.gemmell@gmail.com] it will check the NPE doenst happen
anymore though
  ["aidan"] that's the main thing, and that deleteUser works
  ["aidan"] though the second one is just a bit of a bonus ;)
15:10 [robbie.gemmell@gmail.com] ;)
15:11 ["Martin"] I'd give bonus points to a systest aswell :
15:12 [robbie.gemmell@gmail.com] how does QTC handle configs etc
though ? since jmx is currently off by default :P
15:13 ["Martin"] Ah I have a JIRA open for that )
  ["Martin"] Guess the Systest will need to wait for that.
  ["aidan"] martin: can i get you to review this when the commits gone in?
  ["Martin"] I'd like QTC.startBroker() to take a file which is the
config ... but that really requires both C++ and Java brokers to be
capable of using the same log file.
  ["Martin"] s/log/configuration/
15:14 ["rob"] YAML! ;-)
  ["Martin"] Well having the ability for the test to say have use this acl file.
  ["aidan"] I want to kill our config file in the face, hard.
  ["Martin"] would be mighly useful.
15:15 ["Martin"] the main config file I'm happy to burn :)#
  ["rob"] I completely agree that the config files should have much
more in common
  ["rob"] I just remeber the last time we had that conversation
  ["rob"] Also - our (Java) config files are hideous
  ["Martin"] When I finally get round to gettting some acl tests done
then I'll be able to commit the new java acls that match the c++ so
would be great to supply the acl via QTC to the broker for testing
15:16 ["Martin"] I don't think that the argument of 'we don't need
config files' really works
  ["rob"] no
  ["aidan"] huh?
  ["rob"] Ah - probably before your time Aidan
  ["rob"] look for Yaml in the archives of qpid-dev
15:17 ["aidan"] no, thanks.
  ["rob"] :-)
  ["aidan"] i'll pass
  ["rob"] Also - certain people don;t believe in config files
  [cctrieloff@gmail.com] ["Martin"] I don't think that the argument of
'we don't need config files' really works --- aconway makes this, it
is not that you don't hav ethem, just that you THINK really hard
before adding yet another option
15:18 ["Martin"] Aidan: If your doing the commit then sure I can
review. Think it is important that we still follow the review process
even for submitted patches.
  [cctrieloff@gmail.com] so on the C++ broker, the config is the sum
of the command line options / visa versa.
  ["aidan"] that makes sense
  ["Martin"] Carl so it would be good to standardise the options between brokers
15:19 ["rob"] Carl: I agree but only if it's not the case that you can
configure things through opaque means (e.g. mgmt commands) that you
can't configure in transparent config files
  ["rob"] the thing is more of a configuration database than a file anyway
  ["Martin"] true
15:20 [cctrieloff@gmail.com] ack, but the point you make suports
alan's position, stuff like mgnt commands should not be in the config
  ["aidan"] there are levers with knobs with dials
  ["rob"] There should be a way of viewing config that mgmt commands
affects without starting the broker
  ["Martin"] I prefer toggles ;)
15:21 ["rob"] i.e. it needs to be in some readily readable form
  ["rob"] or tools provided to extract it
  [cctrieloff@gmail.com] ["rob"] There should be a way of viewing
config that mgmt commands affects without starting the broker -- that
sounds like a mgnt client tool.
15:22 ["rob"] if the tool works directly on the DB of config
information without the broker being up... then yes :-)
  [cctrieloff@gmail.com] yes, or it may also be able to support a
script / profiles.
  ["rob"] yep
  ["rob"] I think we are on the same page :-)
15:23 ["aidan"] the same confluence page? ;)
15:24 ["rob"] now that would be an idea :-)
  [cctrieloff@gmail.com] yes - we are - there is an interesting
project we use on our grid stuff called puppet.... it allow you to
create config and then assert it or read it back, it manages the
config in a repo
  ["Martin"] I someone going to wiki this so we can point to the page
rather than write it again :)
15:25 [robbie.gemmell@gmail.com] lol :)
  ["rob"] I think we need to make a conscious decision to dedicate
time to harmonizing our approaches to config ...
  ["aidan"] yeah. we can only really do this sort of thing once
15:26 ["rob"] From the Java Broker point of view I think the first
stage is to properly separate broker process config from model
(queue/exchange/acl etc) config
  ["aidan"] so we need to get right or end up with sendmail
  ["rob"] :-)
  [cctrieloff@gmail.com] rob, ack that is key, config should have
nothing to do with the model
15:27 ["rob"] well model is a different sort of config... but they
need to be kept distinct
  [cctrieloff@gmail.com] ack. model config is valid, but not in the
pid config file
  ["rob"] yep
15:28 [cctrieloff@gmail.com] someone should cut this IRC and post it to list
15:29 ["Martin"] I was thinking more a wiki page that we could then
use to workout what our configuration options would be.. much like we
did for ACls
  ["rob"] if someone was really smart they'd write an agent that
joined the party chat and e-mailed the list every 24 hours ... :-)
15:30 [cctrieloff@gmail.com] if you want, we can start with the C++
config, and see what is relevant.... we have not model config in the
C++ config files
  ["Martin"] That would be great.
15:31 [cctrieloff@gmail.com] we can post the man page :-) on the wiki...
  ["Martin"] If the config options are not atleast documented on the
wiki then that is a good starting point
  ["Martin"] :)
  ["aidan"] rob: odd you should mention that, I couldn't find anything
when i googled by there are decent python xmpp bindings... ;)
  ["rob"] ;-)
15:33 ["Martin"] I could do that with some ease as I have somehow
managed to get party chat to email my gmail account with the log
  ["Martin"] perhaps because I'm notionally logged in from my gmail account
15:34 ["aidan"] automated process would be better i think
  ["Martin"] well I'd just edit my gmail fitler to forward the
partychat emails to qpid-dev :)
  ["aidan"] aaaah, cunning
  [cctrieloff@gmail.com] if you have a compiled C++ broker, just do
qpidd --help to get the configoptions
  ["aidan"] that'd be awesome
15:35 ["rob"] Martin: I wonder how often it would do that
  ["rob"] one mail per line would be annoying :-)
  [cctrieloff@gmail.com] then each model loaded add's it's ownconfig options
  ["Martin"] I get around 2 emails a day
  ["rob"] yes - not quite sure how filters work against it though
15:36 ["rob"] as they obviously model it differently to real e-mails
  ["rob"] since the content keeps changing dynamically
  ["Martin"] I'll not apply my filter to the 500 chat msgs already in
my in box but we'll see what the happens.
  ["Martin"] I've not received an email to day with this log
  ["rob"] ah - you already have a filter
  ["rob"] interesting
15:37 ["rob"] mine is all in the "chats" view
  ["Martin"] I probably have that too but I get real emails from the bot server

Martin Ritchie

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