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From "Martin Ritchie" <ritch...@apache.org>
Subject Re: qpid-incubating.jar is now qpid-all.jar
Date Wed, 10 Dec 2008 10:19:51 GMT
2008/12/10 Rafael Schloming <rafaels@redhat.com>:
> Hey Everyone,
> Just a heads up, I've scrubbed the repo for the term "incubating" and
> removed it from shell scripts, release artifacts, etc. Probably the only
> noticeable difference is that qpid-incubating.jar is now called
> qpid-all.jar, so if you have any scripts or config outside the repo that
> references qpid-incubating.jar, they may need to be updated.
> --Rafael


I'm not sure all is such a good name either. If we are going to change
the name can we look at alternatives.

To me 'all' suggests that that is the only jar I need. Which is only
true if you have the other jars in the lib directory. i.e. you can't
just copy the 'all' jar.

My suggestion would be something like : qpid-broker-classpath.jar

As we have not yet resolved the how to build module packages having
the ability to make more than one classpath jar might be a good idea
now as we are changing the name.

I understand why we are changing the name however I also think so late
in the M4 cycle for making this change is rather late. So I think it
is worth taking the time to ensure we don't then change it again for
the next release.



Martin Ritchie

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