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From Jonathan Robie <jonathan.ro...@redhat.com>
Subject Re: Qpid Documentation page
Date Thu, 12 Feb 2009 15:14:13 GMT
Marnie McCormack wrote:
> I'm not sure what the answer here is, as you're right about the multiple
> differing views issue.
> My take on it (and it is a little one sided) is to approach the pages as a
> User tries to find something out, usually (inevitably) as a Java dev.
> Not sure about a better way fwd tho ... will ponder.

We could look at this from a workflow perspective - ideally, the top 
level pages should not have to change significantly when new 
documentation is added for a given broker or client API or tool,  so the 
people who create each of these bits of software can work relatively 

If we take that approach, then the top level pages should point to 
documentation for a given component, but not try to present a global FAQ 
that pertains to all components.

If this sounds promising, I can work up a proposed organization along 
these lines early next week (the rest of this week is pretty much booked 
for me). If this does not sound promising, I'll avoid the extra work ;->


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