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From Ted Ross <tr...@redhat.com>
Subject Re: QMF / QMan Events handling
Date Tue, 17 Feb 2009 13:50:32 GMT
Andrea Gazzarini wrote:
> Hi Ted, long time no see :)
> Just a question about how should be events handling on QMan...
> This is the current situation :
> - When a new event or object content message is received, a new MBean 
> is built on the fly (this really happens on JMX core) ;
> - JMX Core notifies the WS-DM adapter about that MBean metadata 
> (properties & methods);
> - WS-DM Adapter builds WS artifacts; I mean, all resources needed to 
> expose the mbean (the qpid entity) as Web Service (WSDL, RMD, 
> capability class);
> - WS-DM Adapter has two "lifecycle" topics : one for events and 
> another one for objects. Therefore a message is publihsed on the 
> corresponding topic (depending if the qpid message belongs to an 
> object or an event). Message has entity info (resource-id, name, 
> package, etc) and a type that can be CREATED (events and objects) and 
> REMOVED (only objects).
> Now, the question :
> - Does it make sense to build persistent WS artifacts for events? 
> After all they are transient objects so I think the notification (on 
> the lifecycle topic) should be enough to inform management clients?
> - If a client connects to QMan do you think it could be interested to 
> receive past event notifications? Does QMF give me that capability? If 
> it is not implemented we could add that feature on QMan storing 
> received events somewhere...In that situation when a management client 
> estabilshes a connection with QMan it could request all past events... 
> what do you think?
QMF provides the transport for objects and events but does not store old 
events.  I think that event storage would typically be done with a 
database or a flat-file storage system since you may wish to keep them 
for a long time.  Are you asking whether event storage should be a 
feature of QMan?  Should it be a separate component with WS-DM 
> Regards,
> Andrea       

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