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From Gordon Sim <g...@redhat.com>
Subject Re: Release Schedule
Date Fri, 27 Feb 2009 09:39:30 GMT
Carl Trieloff wrote:
> Alan Conway wrote:
>> Steve Huston wrote:
>>> I'd like to get the new build scheme in for M5, based on cmake - I'm
>>> not sure I'll have a first cut in by Monday, but it would be next week
>>> sometime. I think that in order for that to be in M5, though, we'll
>>> need some group discussion after getting a chance to test drive it a
>>> bit.
>>> Thoughts?
>> I'm keen to get it in but it will need some advance warning so people 
>> can try it in different environments. There may be some teething 
>> problems and there are significant downstream build systems that will 
>> be affected. Ideally we want it to have the same "API" (./bootstrap; 
>> ./configure --with-same-options; make), where bootstrap and configure 
>> are wrappers to the new system.
> It will most likely take a good 3-6 weeks to test a new make system, and 
> deal with all the compat and downstream testing. So we probably have two 
> options
> - release 0.5 then  do the build update
> - delay 0.5 for a month or so.

I am not in favour of delaying the release for this. I think the move 
needs more discussion and it would be better to allow ourselves time to 
do that (also fairer to those working on the java side of the project).

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