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From Manuel Teira Paz <mte...@tid.es>
Subject Re: Solaris Port. Project dependencies
Date Tue, 03 Mar 2009 15:41:04 GMT
Andrew Stitcher escribió:
> On Tue, 2009-02-24 at 12:37 +0100, Manuel Teira Paz wrote:
>> Hello everybody. Finally, I've got some spare time and would be nice to 
>> spend it helping the project a while.
> Great to hear from you again.
> Can you tell us exactly what your development environment is?
> I have set up an OpenSolaris environment (2008/11). But I'd like to
> replicate what you have.
> So what Sun compiler are you using?
> What versions of autotools/boost etc. and from which repositories?
Hello Andrew.

I'm using a Solaris 10 machine (ultra sparc), with the Sun Studio 10 
compiler suite (and last patches from Sun):

CC: Sun C++ 5.9 SunOS_sparc Patch 124863-09 2008/12/16

I've compiled boost with it, using boost-jam (boost is 1.35.0 and 
boost-jam is 3.1.16), configuring as:

../boost-jam-3.1.16/bin.solaris/bjam --build-type=minimal 
--layout=system --prefix=/opt/qpid --without-python toolset=sun 
stdlib=sun-stlport address-model=64 stage

../boost-jam-3.1.16/bin.solaris/bjam --prefix=/opt/qpid 
--build-type=minimal --layout=system --without-python toolset=sun 
stdlib=sun-stlport address-model=64 install

As you can see, I'm using /opt/qpid as the basedir for the qpid stuff.

About the --without-python flag. I've run into problems derived from the 
fact that I installed a 32 bits python package, whereas the qpid I'm 
trying to generate is 64 bits. So, some headers complain.

Next thing was cppunit 1.12.0, using this configuration line:

CC="cc -m64 -mt" CXX="CC -m64 -mt" LD="CC -m64" LDFLAGS="-lm"  
../cppunit-1.12.0/configure --prefix=/opt/qpid

The other pieces of software I need, were downloaded from sunfreeware:

automake 1.10.1
libtool 1.5.24
autoconf 2.60
python 2.5.1
ruby 1.8.6 (2008-03-03 patchlevel 114)

I'm using native Sun make and linker (in Solaris 10 located in 
/usr/ccs/bin). Don't know what's the layout of OpenSolaris.

About qpid itself, I'm configuring it this way:

CC="cc -g -m64" CXX="CC -g -m64" CXXFLAGS="-I/opt/qpid/include"  
LDFLAGS="-L/opt/qpid/lib" ./configure --prefix=/opt/qpid 
--with-cppunit-prefix=/opt/qpid --with-ssl=no --enable-dependency-tracking

Please note that in the current state, it won't compile. I have multiple 
changes ready to improve the situation, but some problems like the 
socklen_t are still work in progress. Also, refactoring of the poller to 
match the current model is on the way.


> Andrew

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