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From Gordon Sim <g...@redhat.com>
Subject Re: Sepcifying Keyword Arguments
Date Thu, 12 Mar 2009 08:59:48 GMT
Joshua Kramer wrote:
> Hello,
> Quick question.  How do I specify keyword arguments that are not present 
> in the AMQP spec?
> For example, when I create a queue, I want to specify a SELinux context 
> in the call to session.queue_declare.  However, valid keyword arguments 
> must be specified in the specfile as far as I know (I get an exception 
> otherwise).
> On page 22 of the RedHat Messaging User Guide for 1.1, it indicates:  
> "Any qpidd specific options can be passed in the arguments field. See 
> the MRG Messaging API documentation for the client language you wish to 
> use for more details."  The Python API doc does not give the format for 
> the "arguments" keyword for qpidd.  How might I structure the call noted 
> below, to pass the SEL context?
> replyQueue = session.queue_declare(queue=replyQueueName,
>                                    exclusive=True,
>                                    auto_delete=True,
>                                    secontext="one:two:three")

The arguments field is a map so you could do:



Is this the right approach for passing the SEL context though? We don't 
pass ACL permissions for queues that way, at least at present. Would a
config file that defines any necessary mapping work?

I would prefer to keep SELinux specific stuff within an ACL 
implementation plugin if at all possible.

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