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From Gordon Sim <g...@redhat.com>
Subject Re: QPid SELinux Models (was Re: Sepcifying Keyword Arguments)
Date Fri, 13 Mar 2009 18:15:22 GMT
Joshua Kramer wrote:
> You are correct - it's trivial to store the SEL context in a file, much 
> as the ACL's are stored in a file currently.  But it presents this 
> problem: suppose I intend to have an SELinux ACL declaring that the 
> server queue called "SecretData" can only be read by users with type 
> accounting_t. Now, suppose I have misconfigured my ACL, and instead, 
> this restriction is applied to the queue "SecretDatz".  When a process 
> creates the server queue "SecretData" (or writes to that queue that 
> already exists), it will not know that the queue, which ought to be 
> constrained, is not.  It might write some confidential data to the 
> queue.  When a bogus application with the type user_t attempts to bind 
> to and read from "SecretData", the ACL won't match (as it is looking for 
> "SecretDatz"), and the binding and read will be successful.  This 
> failure can result in the unauthorized read of data, and it is silent.  
> It would be much safer to throw an exception on any security failure; we 
> can enable the throwing of such exceptions if we define the security 
> context of the queue when it is created via the calling application, 
> instead of via a file.

Yes, I agree that makes sense. Sounds like we need to revise the Acl 
interface to support that.

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