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From James Mansion <ja...@mansionfamily.plus.com>
Subject Problem running tests/client_test
Date Mon, 16 Mar 2009 20:32:27 GMT
I have tried to run client_test from cpp/src/tests.

The client is being rejected because it is trying to use an empty
mechanism and the server wants 'ANONYMOUS' or 'PLAIN'.

2009-mar-16 08:13:38 notice Broker running
2009-mar-16 08:14:18 debug RECV [] INIT(0-10)
2009-mar-16 08:14:18 info SASL: Mechanism list: ANONYMOUS PLAIN
2009-mar-16 08:14:18 trace SENT INIT(0-10)
2009-mar-16 08:14:18 trace SENT []: Frame[BEbe; channel=0; 

mechanisms=str16{V2:9:str16(ANONYMOUS), V2:5:str16(PLAIN)}; 
locales=str16{V2:5:str16(en_US)}; }]
2009-mar-16 08:14:18 trace RECV []: Frame[BEbe; channel=0; 

mechanism=; response=xxxxxx; locale=en_US; }]
2009-mar-16 08:14:18 info SASL: Starting authentication with mechanism:
2009-mar-16 08:14:18 debug Exception constructed: Unsupported mechanism
2009-mar-16 08:14:18 trace SENT []: Frame[BEbe; channel=0; 
{ConnectionCloseBody: reply-code=320; reply-text=connection-forced: 
Unsupported mechanism; }]

This is with the VS solutions pretty much as-is, client and server on 
the same XP box, modulo fixing the build issues with WinSDK 7 and Boost 

Looks clear-cut from the trace, but maybe its something I've done?


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