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From Gordon Sim <g...@redhat.com>
Subject Re: AMQP 1.0
Date Thu, 19 Mar 2009 08:51:16 GMT
James Mansion wrote:
> Gordon Sim wrote:
>> Based on past experience I think its best to wait until the final spec 
>> is actually published before getting too concerned about an 
>> implementation plan.
> Its not long 'til then though - but I was actually more interested in 
> what the process will be, and who will manage and execute it.

For me the first part of the process is a protocol independent API and 
some thinking around how to support multiple protocols in the broker 
(allowing messages published over one protocol to be delivered over 
another etc).

Another important aspect is ensuring that adding support for 1.0 doesn't 
break previously supported versions.

> Is this likely to be a 'show me the code' effort, or a 'show me the 
> requirement, show me the plan, show me the design, show me the 
> resourcing, show me the code' sort of thing?

At the broadest level the requirement will be the 1.0 spec, obviously 
there may be parts that can be attacked incrementally adding support for 
optional or less commonly used features after the core is in place etc.

I imagine that there will be some discussion nearer the time about how 
to break up the tasks and who does what. I suspect the details will vary 
by language and with the amount of interest shown.

I myself plan to spend some time in the coming weeks thinking about the 
API question and will be posting my thoughts and comments to the list 
along with any patches that help explain the ideas. We have a great 
group of people on this list and the user list and hopefully we can all 
feed in ideas and get a very satisfactory result.

We are now in the closing down stages of the 0.5 release. Ideally the 
next release will include a protocol independent API in all supported 
languages. Once that is out then hopefully the final 1.0 AMQP spec will 
have been published and steps towards that can be discussed.

> Qpid isn't entirely a 'spare time' project is it?  Who does the heavy 
> lifting?

There are now many active commiters from different organisations (see 

> (It *is* clearly spare time and 'for interest' for me - I've been 
> playing while commuting and that won't change.)

Thank you very much for investing your time in the project, it is great 
to have your interest!

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