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From Jonathan Robie <jonathan.ro...@redhat.com>
Subject Examples makefiles: I want to break your C++ builds ....
Date Mon, 23 Mar 2009 19:52:54 GMT
Each example in our examples directory currently has two Makefiles. One 
of these is a standard Autotools-generated Makefile located directly in 
the same directory as the source, and it always works because our builds 
break if it does not. Each example also has another Makefile called 
./.libs/Makefile that is easy to read, and although it is also 
generated, the way that it is generated makes it look more like a 
hand-authored Makefile.

The ./libs/Makefile is fragile, because if someone changes one of the 
files used to generate it, the build is not affected. But it's also a 
lot easier to read, and much better to include in documentation.

Could we just put *that* Makefile into the directory for each example, 
so when that file breaks, whoever breaks it gets some feedback? We've 
had it break at least twice in one week recently, due to changes made by 
different people for different reasons.


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