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From Jonathan Robie <jonathan.ro...@redhat.com>
Subject Re: Examples makefiles: I want to break your C++ builds ....
Date Tue, 24 Mar 2009 11:20:36 GMT
Manuel Teira Paz wrote:
> Hello, Jonathan.
> I made that change, if I remember correctly. Previously, the makefile 
> in any of the examples directories was made by hand, and intended to 
> be human-readable, to be deployed as part of the examples. 
> Unfortunately, this way, the makefile was not in sync with the 
> autotools world, and, for example, the compiler to be used, flags, 
> library locations, were hardwired into the makefile to some extent.
> What we have now, as you said, is a autotools-generated makefile, to 
> compile the examples in the build directory, and another one to be 
> deployed (human-friendly) that also has to be capable of generating 
> the examples, but using the installed distribution.

I am not advocating going back to the hand-written makefiles for the 

The human-friendly one in ./liibs is generated by a target in the 
Makefile in the given  example dirctory, and changes people make when 
doing other things can break it. I like the fact that we have a readable 
makefile that is generated, but when people break it, I want them to 
notice. We had to fix it twice this last week.

A couple of possible approaches:

1. Let the current examples Makefile generate the ./libs Makefile, then 
use it to compile the examples.
2. Add a goal to '$ make check' that creates a new directory with each 
example and Makefile and ensures that it still compiles.

Can you think of other approaches that might be better?


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