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From Joshua Kramer <j...@globalherald.net>
Subject Sepcifying Keyword Arguments
Date Thu, 12 Mar 2009 02:58:37 GMT


Quick question.  How do I specify keyword arguments that are not present 
in the AMQP spec?

For example, when I create a queue, I want to specify a SELinux context in 
the call to session.queue_declare.  However, valid keyword arguments must 
be specified in the specfile as far as I know (I get an exception 

On page 22 of the RedHat Messaging User Guide for 1.1, it indicates:  "Any 
qpidd specific options can be passed in the arguments field. See the MRG 
Messaging API documentation for the client language you wish to use for 
more details."  The Python API doc does not give the format for the 
"arguments" keyword for qpidd.  How might I structure the call noted 
below, to pass the SEL context?

replyQueue = session.queue_declare(queue=replyQueueName,


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