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From Bryan Kearney <bkear...@redhat.com>
Subject RFC: Java Agent
Date Wed, 15 Apr 2009 17:56:02 GMT
I am looking for feedback on the patches provided as part of QPID-1786 
[1]. As a background, these are patches to the python and java code base 
which were started by Ted Ross and Rafael Schloming. They add a Java 
Agent which has an API similar to the CPP agent. In addition, it 
introduces the notion of "non-managed objects" which are structs which 
can be sent across the wire. These structs are basically managed objects 
without methods. The marshalling logic is using annotations and is 
heavily based on using JAXB.

The muppet scripts generates a schema which looks like the attached 
file. I have a couple of open questions which I would like to get folks 
input on based on this schema:

1) Denoting managed types versus not. In the current schema, the only 
way to tell that a type is managed is to look for the existence of 
method elements. But, this is not full proof, since a managed object can 
have no behaviour. Should the type (managed or not) be called out in the 
2) Type inheritance. In this example, a Pikelet is a subclass of Crumpet 
  . Said another way, the Pikelet type extends the Crumpet type. There 
is no notion of this in the schema. Should there be?
3) Enumerations: There is no way to list enumerated strings in the 
schema. There are range checks, but no valid value lists.

Comments on these questions and any other comments on the code would be 


-- bk

[1] https://issues.apache.org/jira/browse/QPID-1786

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