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From Gordon Sim <g...@redhat.com>
Subject Re: [c++]: Sketch of a high-level, protocol independent API
Date Thu, 16 Apr 2009 19:53:38 GMT
James Mansion wrote:
> Gordon Sim wrote:
>> James Mansion wrote:
>>> My question is: why do you feel the need to create something 
>>> materially different, and why in particular does
>>> a messaging API need to be much more complex for normal use?
>> Could you elaborate a little on what aspect(s) you feel is/are much 
>> more complex?
> Well, I'd look to replace class instances with handles and collaps as 
> many fancy option
> setting/getting functions to a simple interface that uses string 
> property names and put/get.
> And I'd expose a C API as much as possible with limited use of callbacks 
> and buffer
> assignments in the user code rather than having to ask the API to delete 
> buffers (or,
> worse, assume that the user code and API are sharing a heap manager).
> I would also look to have the API buffer received messages and use the 
> simplest
> notification mechanism available.  So I'd suggest not starting with any 
> fancy class
> structure at all, but first ask how you will integrate into 
> applications' event loops.
> This is something that the MQ API is poor at from memory.
> Its not necessary for fancy stuff that configures special options to be 
> fast, and having a
> very stable binary API is handy.  Also having an API that can be 
> trivially wrapped
> with Python CTypes or P/Invoke is handy - not least its also easy to 
> wrap with
> other tools such as swig. 

Ok, so simple for you is avoiding fancy things, not just the ease of 
writing programs to the API? Thats certainly a fair point and I think a 
c API would be a great addition to the project. I'm still keen on a c++ 
API myself; it could at some point in the future be implemented on top 
of such a c API.

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